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Baidu Japan blocked in China

The delicious ironies of 21st century China: — China's premier search engine — has a Japanese site at which has just been blocked by China's Net Nanny.

Welcome to the big wide world Baidu! It's a scary place, full of tanks and porn.

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Comments on Baidu Japan blocked in China

This is by far the most pathetic strike a chinese company can take from its OWN government.
But then it also shows Baidu has the "guts" to pull out its censorship anywhere else on the planet, without fears to contaminate Japan's Internet or breaking local laws.

I have been wondering why the Chinese government would block any kinds of information about the "June 4 Incident in Tian'anmen Square in 1989".

Throughout my 22-year education and living in China, I was never exposed to the incident. The first time I saw the most famous tank man photo was in Macao, where the memorial was held by the dead's mothers. Bloody photos and moving speeches by the mothers who were full of hatred made me realize, my government did something horrible to our people and didnt dare to mention it. I felt really sorry for those mothers. Meanwhile, I felt angry for what the government has been doing to fool us.

However, after watching the documentary on Youtube made by cnn, I have a second thought. The students' initial purpose of the protest was, lets say, reasonable, which was to establish a dialog channel between the students and the government, so as to build a democratic china. However, things were totally out of control in the later period of the protest. The protestants didn’t fight for the initial goal anymore. Students were divided by different groups due to different opinions. Fights for the absolute possession of power between groups occurred three or four times a day. It later has become chaos. When one of the student leader, Dan Wang, suggested to evacuate the students out of the square to campus, so that they could peacefully revaluate the protest and talked to the government with better and more mature requests, another student leader, chailing, rejected it and called them betrayers. However, later during an interview by an American reporter, Chai Ling confessed that, she couldn’t tell the students who chose to stay with her in the square that what they were still fighting for. She had no answer to the question that if the government compromises, what they could request from the government. She further confessed that the only reason she tried to keep people on the square was she didn’t want to be put in jail if they withdraw, as she has exposed herself as the leader. Therefore, she must win the protest, which was to force the government to take violent action against the protests. Cuz she believed that this kind of behaviors by the government would trigger public anger, which would have led to a nationwide revolution. Otherwise, she would get into troubles. When asked if she would stay in the square with the rest of students, she said, "no, I don’t wanna die, Chinese people don’t deserve me dying for them".

So I’m wondering why all this made her the hero in the west? Why did such an immature and irresponsible person get in Princeton to study international relations? Didn’t she use those innocent but enthusiastic students for her personal interests? Isn’t she responsible for the dead of the incident? But reality is ironic: she is living a happy life in the United States of America.

Although the Chinese government has to take a certain amount of responsibility of the incident, things had to be solved somehow in that way at that period. There were no countries in the world that could have offered a better solution for that situation. If other countries could have offered the Chinese government with rubber guns and smoke bombs, as we hadn’t developed those yet, the number of death would have been minimized. However, what countries would have done that? Most countries were so looking forward to watching the collapse of the communist government. That’s the whole point of all those biased critics, which is the reason why Chinese government doesn’t dare to show us western media. Another reason that the Chinese government doesn’t dare to show us the truth of the incident is the majority of the population in China are blind followers like those students who followed Chai Ling.

Of course, I have to admit that China needs to improve its political system and increase transparency of the government, but definitely not by an immature student movement like in 1989.

The the fact still stands that the government used VIOLENT MILITARY FORCE on these students.

I admit the situation was and still is complicated. The government may believe that their actions are justified in the name of unity and stability. But IMHO using military force on a country's own citizens consistute grave abuses of power. There is no excuse for what they done. None...

That said most people go on living like nothing happened, it's kinda sad. I don't blame them because the propaganda machine works well, and frankly politics is boring, money is where it's at. Everyone wants to get a piece of the pie, keeping in line with the status quo means one gets to participate.

Same thing can be said about many things, human rights, Tibet (most Chinese will kick my ass for my views LOL), etc...

Baidu is not some klunky SOE and they've probably got a few tricks up their sleeves. This will be an interesting showdown between a top tier Chinese company (that is listed on Wall Street and London) and the overlords.

"If other countries could have offered the Chinese government with rubber guns and smoke bombs, as we hadn't developed those yet, the number of death would have been minimized."

The chinese gov't never asked, and within days of the student gathering, even before the networks began coverage, PLA tanks and infantry from Hebei and Shanxi provinces were sneaking through hutongs to surround the students, but the residents knew what was happening and attacked the armored and infantry columns with molotov cocktails, rocks, throwing stars, knives and home made spears and bows.

Why call in units from other provinces? Because the all of the officers in the Beijing garrison refused to budge. They knew the whole story and weren't going to kill other chinese on behalf of the rotten old men who ran the country. The PLA had enough of that crap during the cultural revolution.

The Hebei and Shanxi units were told that CCP HQ was physically under siege and revolution was imminent. After the whole incident, some of senior officers of those provincial units committed suicide. Since then, the CCP has let the PLA make lots of money through various private enterprises to bribe them into complicity.

The Chinese gov't is a monster, and those that do business with it are accomplices to its crimes.

That's well said.

My own my immigration to 6/4 LOL. That's when my dad received his green-card.

My relatives have been telling me for years if you want to know what Beijing was like during the Cultural revolution look no further than the period around 6/4/89.

At that time I was living with my grand parents, and they wouldn't let me go out at all. My uncle went out to support the students, they were on top of some building right, and some PLA dudes started spraying them with AK's. Also know people who got shot etc...

Also another funny thing they learned is that cars almost never blow up. A typical car could burn for hours without exploding... Har har har...

I have to say, it is still available now. I just check it via GFW Testing Site.

And, I dont think it is a surprise if Baidu jp is blocked by China's Net Nanny. Chinese Government always think people are easy to control by their censorship system. To block a website is not a big news in China. But they forget the internet is a NET, ppl always have their own ways to the truth.

Chaney: Despite what the test site says, is still blocked (at least by Beijing Netcom) - but it's a "connection reset by host" error typical of a content-related block rather than the connection timeout that usually distinguishes site-blocks.

Yes, it is blocked now. I think it is because they need some time to update their censorship system on different servers.

I think this article from william resolves some mysteries regarding's blockage.
It's highly likely baidu redirect users from China before the government acts upon them. That also explains why pinging the site(or using the so-called "GFW Testing Service") get normal response.

The Internet Nanny is on my crap list right now.

I came home yesterday after lunch to find that my own website had been blocked.

I don't even have porn or tanks on my site!

What the hell.

Jenn, my main blog got blocked again some time on Thursday afternoon. The same happened late last month for about three days at about the time Blogspot got whacked.

No porn or tanks then; none now.

It doesn't make any sense.

But at least I can have a snigger at the blocking of

Jenn:, GFW usually block class C network once they put a website into their blacklist. I was banned two years ago. At last, I have to move my site to another server coz my mom dunt know how to setup the proxy. damn GFW...

There is a censorship system in posting a comment at Danwei as well.

That's right brah, live and learn, live and learn...

Just to make this on topic. I have been doing a lot of movie/music/games searches on Baidu, it works fine.

As long as you don't do porn and tanks it works. Technology is wonderful! Karl Marx would wholly support this censorship you betcha!

nanhe..: "After the whole incident, some of senior officers of those provincial units committed suicide."

As a point of interest, do you have any sources for this statement? Or is this another of those "heard from a friend who knew someone" claims?

I just tested it with this website test behind the China firewall and it is accessible from both Beijing and Shanghai

Thanks, George Tudor. Remind me not to leave my foot measurements at home the next time I go out to buy shoes.

Shanghai Wangtong, 2007-06-25 9am:

The connection was reset
The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.
* The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
* If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection.
* If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

It is still blocked as of today...

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