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BBC Chinese still accessible

Unblocked after a media fuss at the beginning of the Olympics, the BBC's Chinese language website is still accessible the day after the closing ceremony, as are the websites of Amnesty International and Reporters San Frontieres which were unblocked at the same time as the BBC's Chinese pages.

To the Net Nanny: note that the sky has not yet fallen.

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thumb up if China will be more open on west media.

I see no reasons to block them again. Info appeared in these website can easily be found in many BBS/forum in China, so why block them?

Well we still have to get through the paralympics...

They won't block it until the BBC writes an article that annoys them, then they will block it to demonstrate that when people write things on websites they don't like, they will block the site. They won't waste the opportunity to use this tool, so they will wait until the BBC "hurts the feelings of the Chinese people". They are no longer content with controlling the media in their own country, they now want to use coercion to control media worldwide. Actually, the BBC is already making big concessions, although you obviously can't see this. How do I know? I just do...

Hi Jeremy,

I'm the editor of The China Debate. Would like to let you know that though appears to be unblocked, the Chinese language section of it ( is totally inaccessible in China.

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