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Blogsome sort of blocked

The Net Nanny, not satisfied with the recent blocking of Typepad, is on the rampage again. This time her target is the relatively unknown blog host,

Strangely enough, not all blogs on the site are blocked, but many are, including the new Black and White Cat (proxy link).

Black and White Cat comments:

Now, some people might unfairly suggest that I have been blocked. But this cannot be true since I have it on good authority that Internet censorship does not exist in China. Since that is obviously true, the real cause must be technical difficulties. I know that relevant departments must very eager to solve these difficulties, and I think I have a solution. As many people have discovered, proxies seem to have a magical ability to solve certain problems of a technical nature. My idea is simple: those proxy people should get together with the relevant departments here, form a mutually beneficial joint venture, and install proxy software in all ISP servers - rather like Cisco, I suppose. A win-win solution.


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Comments on Blogsome sort of blocked

Jeremy! What have you done to Blogsome! Dear oh dear. The whole of Blogsome has crashed - can't be reached from anywhere, even outside the GFW. I see from a comment at Positive Solutions that China Law Blog is thinking the same as me - and you - time to stop using the free providers and pay. No point in being free if it's too much of a hassle for people to get to our blogs.

I've googled for 'my.opera' and '', and found no headline about its harmonization in the mainland was talked about in danwei.

To add a simple info here:
Since 9 May, the subdomain of and its blog community can only be reached via proxy in the mainland.

Thanks, Absurdfool. I keep an Opera blog myself, but I guess I assumed it wasn't used by many other people and wasn't worth mentioning.

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