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Blogspot accessible in Beijing

Blogs on popular Google-owned blog host are accessible in Beijing today. Based on previous experience, this may only last a few days. Update: Or only a few hours. Currently inaccessible from Danwei HQ; see comments for additional confirmation.

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Comments on Blogspot accessible in Beijing

i'm in beijing and it doesn't seem to be working.

Doesn't seem to be working in Chengdu.

lucky for u.. not accessible here in qingdao. neither is my 'soup' blog for that matter, which fell under the nanny watch a few weeks ago after a good 4 month run. hec, us canucks can't even read cbc news anymore!
i need to move..

btw, besides using tor or other public proxy addresses, adding the suffix '' to a url sometimes bypasses the GFW.. for now anyways.
always place it before the actual post's add, for example, your current article's url would look like this:

Flickr was working yesterday, too, but only for the morning. Random unblocking and then reblocking seems to be happening to some websites...don't know what's happening, but the accessibility only lasts a few hours.

Yeah, not accessible to me either

Via jutecht: Feedburner main site unblocked, but all Feedburner feeds still inaccessible.

It was working this morning for me in Shanghai. Then by lunch, it was off. And I was in the middle of commenting on my favorite blog when I lost access too.

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