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Blogspot blocked again

Blogs on the Google-owned are once again not accessible in China.

Go here for a chronology of Blogspot blockings and unblockings.

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I have an interesting theory about this. China throttles the internet when things get tricky and blocking sites is the last resort but just after Tibet if I were the Chinese authorities I'd be measuring traffic to blogspot to see both the demand for this platform and the speed with which it disseminates. Throttling information is 21st century censorship.

I may of course be completely wrong on this as indeed I am on oodles of stuff !

I guess those human rights loving Communist leaders don't like the free flow of information. They could outsource this task to Blackwater.


The truth is that most people knows how to break the wall.....vpn or something else....

I'am in beijing, 2008-4-14 18:41, no blocking.I can open Assure you message,please.

Yes, is accessible but not the blogs. So I can write a post but can not see it. Anyway, I really hope they don't block wikipedia.



堵吧 堵吧 你堵也堵不住 还让大家觉得你做贼心虚

结果就是没人再相信你们说的了 就算你们说实话


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