Net Nanny Follies

Blogspot unblocked, the Google-owned blog host, is accessible in Beijing right now. The website has been inaccessible since October 23 this year.

See this summary for details of the on-again off-again blocking of Blogspot over the last few years.

Thanks Nanny!

Update - December 12: Just a technical glitch it seems: Blogspot is no longer accessible in Beijing or, judging from the comments below, elsewhere in the country.

There are currently 7 Comments for Blogspot unblocked.

Comments on Blogspot unblocked

It's also unblocked in Xiamen.

Same for Shanghai, as I just found out by coincidence when I restarted my computer without turning on my proxy.

Re-blocked in Kunming, as of this morning. This seems to be the pattern with Blogspot. Every few weeks it'll be unblocked for about 24 hours and then re-blocked, as if the nanny was temporarily asleep on the switch.

A beijingren says they can't see my wordpress. Is WP viewable now too?

Blocked again

If it was unblocked in Nanjing, it's blocked again as of Wednesday morning. Sadly, I've almost forgotten why I even need Blogspot, which I suppose makes me a successful pawn in the Nanny's endgame.

(5pm in Dashanzi): Blogspot is accessible

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