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Blogspot unblocked again

What a funny game the Net Nanny likes to play: Blogspot is accessible again today in Beijing.

Below is a chronology of the popular Google-owned blog host's availability in the People's Republic:

Blogspot blocked again April 14, 2008
Wikipedia and Blogspot unblocked April 1, 2008
Blogspot unblocked and blocked again January 14, 2008
Blogspot blocked again — ongoing saga June 1, 2007
Blogspot unblocked again March 29, 2007
Foreign blog providers (including Blogspot) blocked March 20, 2007
Blogspot working in Beijing again November 23, 2006
Blogspot blocked again October 27, 2006
Blogspot unblocked August 9, 2006

- Blogspot was first blocked in 2003

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Comments on Blogspot unblocked again

yeah, I live in Nanjing and I can view blogspot since a couple of days ago.

It is working in Shanghai again. What is this, every two weeks blocked, the next two unblocked.

unable to access any blogspots let alone my own for the past 2 days...
in beijing.

is it just me?

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