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Blogspot working in Beijing again

China's Net Nanny is acting bipolar. After unblocking Blogspot and then blocking it again, the Nanny unblocked Wikipedia, then blocked it again.

Wikipedia remains blocked, but today, Blogspot is once again available in Beijing. So you can once again read Shenzhen Zen, the blog of the journalist who broke the South China Morning Post newsroom kerfuffle story, and who recently gave Danwei TV a whole lotta love.

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It's an ongoing saga. Maybe we can start a pool for it, guess when it's blocked or not. Maybe even make a variation on HotorNot. A Blocked or Not Blocked website.

Anyway, besides all these useless ramblings, Shanghai also has access to blogspot again. Let's see for how long.

I am beginning to think that the firewall is not centrally controlled anymore. Well at least certain forms of it. Is blocked in Beijing?

Same in GZ...but VOX is blocked. They must be the flavor of the month

sinocidal is also blocked from Fujian. Any bets on when wikipedia might be directly accessible again? Or is Nanny going to alternate? One week Blogspot; the next Wikipedia and so on.

As I wrote on the previous "blocking" post, it seems clear that new blocking technologies -- if you want my best guess I'd say keyword based -- are being trialled.

This would explain why, for a few weeks, the block was not simply blanket, but was targeted to specific pages/topics on wikipedia and elsewhere.

Now the dial seems to have been turned "up" a little.

I'll wager a slow return of some of wikipedia by early next month, leading up to a heavier block over Chinese New Year, and then a return to partial again.

Anyone want to take that bet? :)

Be tolerant - every Nanny got her period.

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