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Carrefour now a sensitive word

"Your search results may contain content that is not in accordance with relevant laws and regulations; they have not been displayed."

This screenshot of a failed search for 家乐福 ("Carrefour") comes from the Oh My Media blog.

The blogger also notes that searching for the term on results in "Unable to access your search results. Please return to search for other information." A search returns 6 million hits.

The blogger comments:

A command from above? Or self-censorship? It looks fairly self-evident. China's Internet/news/propaganda administration departments don't seem to have learned any lessons from the Tibet affair: they still think that screening and blocking can create a flourishing society, a Great Harmony under heaven. And none of the people, whether they be "patriots" or "patriotic traitors," are seen as trustworthy or as having any sense of judgment or rationality. You're just one of the riffraff.

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This seems to be self censorship by Baidu. Contrary to what the blogger claims, also returns close to 6 million hits.

Why is the conjecture about a Search Engine Result on a Chinese Engine always negative?

I have seen that Carrefour has spent a lot of money on ads and reputation repair on and the returns that are visible are due to some heavy spending on the French store's part.

I know that Chinese engines give higher authority to Chinese language results and BBS posts; hence typing in Carrefour will yield you a host of venomous remarks about the French store. In that case you'd report that Baidu was exceedingly unkind to the European Walmart.

Baidu has remained neutral on this thing in the press unlike some Chinese search engine presidents.

Damned if you do and damned if you don't aye?

嫁乐福 still works as a useful alternative for discourse on shopping in China's supermarkets or signing Olympic torch protection petitions.

(I find it amusing that the addition of a woman to the word makes it less sensitive!)

quite sophisticated this time around, again using the power of "default", most people are willing to give up on first search, and that's exactly what our governement need.

Carrefour probably struggle to make a decision here, would they want a uncensored search to flood with negative press news as top result, or no result at all? this looked like a temporal solution from their negotiation with governement high-ups.

google and baidu are not victims here, people will still be able to search the said subject with tweaked terms; the only losers are ourselves, burning any reputation left on web, using our own media riots.

ps: the said term is now censored on all major search provider, including sina's iask, sohu's sogou, tencent's soso, 163's yodao etc., a fair game indeed.

Liuzhou Laowai: These things are sometimes transient. is still returning no results for me (see screenshot), although Baidu is now returning exactly three results: two about the boycott and one about last year's stampede.

A tweaked term like 嫁乐福 is only useful in a very limited sense. One of the things that's so infuriating about keyword filtering is that it allows you to carry on localized conversations using substitute words, but if you don't know which alternative keyword someone used, you can't search for their contribution to the conversation.

had problems with dong1hang2 (as in the airline) during the recent strike. another non-security related term.

I don't know how you get the above picture. Today is Apr 27,2008, I just searched Carrefour in Chinese at

Three websites are over there. At the end of searching result page, BaiDu says that some websites are not shown based on local regulation. I think, it is understandable. BaiDu does not want to involve in any lawsuit. If you run your business, you need obey local law. Each country has the same requirement

In addition, TieBa still works

It's NOT censored by Google and don't bother to find evidence of censorship. China will not go back even if it hasn't yet reached the top but it's on the way, be nice.

I think it is Chinese goverment want to protect Carrefour.

Chinese goverment always rational,Chinese always so love their Country.

If anyone in the western countries hurt Chinese`s honor, they will fight for it.

We live well in China!

Any we have confidence to our goverment!

It is true voice in China from a worker!

This is the way to prevent the public from gathering on resisting 'Carrefour' on May 1st.
If not, a lot of chinese youth will gather together by forums on the website. They will decide the time and the place on the forum. Maybe at the right time, there will come out thousands of angry chinese youth in front of the Carrefour supermarket. I don't think that is a good situation to handle.

To tell the truth, we Chinese don't understand the action taken, either. And it did bring us a shock when hearing about this. But it is certain that Carrefour is still running well in China.
There are some facts you foreigners don't know, for example, I hear that a Chinese worker in Carrefour got better paid just because he had some experiences in France and could speak a little French, which were useless for the work itself as a matter of fact. He felt it unfair and left the company.
The government has taken some measures to prevent the resistances against Carrefour. I know a student in my university was taken to the police station for his resistance against Carrefour and we are all "warned"(not so serious) of that. You may say it is so pity that we even have no freedom to express what we think. But there is a difficult balance, especially for a country with so many people. Somehow you still consider it as a political excuse? You come here and you find it not.
I hope you will know us better.
























aboves are 老头子们 who don't surf online that much,what can you expect?

the next generation would be better, the next next generation would be better .... that's the hope

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