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China Telecom blocking Skype?

Danwei reader WB in Chengdu reports:

Since Saturday I have been unable to sign in to Skype from my hotel in Chengdu. This problem with Skype has occurred occasionally in the past for brief periods, but never for so long. Other Skype users in Chengdu have reported the same problem.

However at my office this morning, I connected to Skype without any problem. The hotel technical staff discovered that they, too, are unable to connect to Skype. The hotel mentioned that their ISP is China Telecom, whereas my office's Internet connection comes from China Netcom.

The hotel staff say that China Telecom has said they are working to fix the problem. This could be an innocent configuration problem at China Telecom but it seems a little odd that only Skype appears to be affected.

Do other Danwei readers have Skype problems to report?

Update January 29: Skype seems to be back to normal in Chengdu.

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I had a Skype call (comp 2 comp) this morning from my SH office to Los problems....also, last night (comp 2 comp) from SH to Detroit, no issues.....


I have had problems since Saturday morning also and am still unable to connect to Skype services from home. I've sent two reports to Skype but have heard nothing yet from their tech support. I keep getting a sign in error.

I also live in Chengdu and have had problems connecting to with skype since Saturday 1/25/2008 on both my home PC's. I am able to connect from my office and make skype out calls. I am also able to connect if I use my work laptop PC from home (which has an older version of skype - a "corporate" version). If I connect to our office network from home, I am also able to login to skype. I'm Investigating root cause now and will try to install older versions on my home PC to see if it works

While not based in CD, I have been having problems for a while now when using Skype out. If Comp to Comp, then no problems, however the quality is becoming more inconsistent.


This must be one of those occasional things that pops up then vanishes again. Glitch? Protectionism? I still remember that story about China Telecom in Shanghai actually attempting to FINE home broadband users who dared to make phone calls using SkypeOut.

The long-term trend is clear: VoIP is here to stay. I very much doubt this is part of any coordinated effort to "fight back".

I've been using Skype during the last couple of days, without problems. I live in Beijing.

Were were having problem using skype out connecting from our SH office to LA office. poor quality, and disconnection from time to time...the CN government-owned mobile operator wants piece of the voip pie...

i think this all boils down to: fuck chengdu china telecom

I've been unable to call my partner in Beijing on Skype for the past couple of days - when one of us is out of China, we generally talk on either Skype or IChat - I'm calling from Sydney.

Update as of 1/29/2008 8:45PM. My Skype is still not working on either of my home PC's here in Chengdu. I've tried installing older versions of Skype all the way back to version 2.x - nothing has worked. My work PC still is able to login (uses a corporate version of skype) both while conencted to work network via a VPN or just connected to my local network in my house. So something special about this the "corporate" version of skype enables it to login to skype.

My external WAN connection information is currently (subject to periodic or forced DHCP "renews") is :

Connection Type: PPPoE
Internet IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DNS IP Address:

Anyone who has "solved" this - if you have any advice, please let me know :).

xie xie,

skype sucks....this just like you go to a shop and buy sth,but they say: sorry,it's can bring it home...and wait until it works.....but you pay for it....what the hell is this?????????????????phuck.....

Randall: have you contacted your ISP, e.g. China Telecom or China Netcom, or some middleman through whom you get your Internet access?

It's been impossible for me to phone Europe with SkypeOut for the last few weeks.
And yesterday night I couldn't even loggin.
I don't think it's just a problem of Chengdu China Telecom; I am posting from Shenyang.


Also in Chengdu. Tried to login for the past three days and still no luck. Tried installing the "tom" version of skype and still no luck. Likely their way of getting a slice of the Chinese New Year's pie. Also could be a server load problem. Either way, skype "haertbeat" says everything is normal. What a crock. Skype is REALLY bad about posting outtages and updates like they don't exist.

The situation for me has remained unchanged. I cannot login unless I connect to skype after first connecting to my work network via VPN on my work PC. I have contacted (with some help) my ISP and no luck there.

However, I did find a workaround. I signed up for a paid VPN / secure tunnel service and so far that has worked on my home PC. I have been able to connect, although I have not comprehensively verified overall voice quality and it may not be a lasting solution.


Skype has not been working at all in Kunming since the middle of January 2008. On and off since middle December 2007. Not only me. I am the village nerd and get call from most other people that have the same problem. Tried using Tom's client, but get the same response. Skype does not even respond to our emails. It is hard to believe it is a technical problem.

I am also in the Kunming area (1 hour outside) and Skype hasn't worked here since I started trying in October 2007. I can login, but can't make any calls; calls can't connect...

I'm on China Telecom DSL. In Shanghai on cable internet, I had no problems for a year and a half.

Several friends living in China and in the Middle East have faced these issues. They tried several VPN's and have settled on Surfbouncer. It works well with VOIP and there seems to be minimal call degradation due to the tunnel. You end up with a USA IP address which is beneficial for a lot of other applications.

Hey, the connection problem still happens in Chengdu! Can't even log in to Skype!

I have not had any problem connecting to a computer or a land line, but the sound quality from my end has been really bad. I tested by calling my own Shanghai land line, and could hardly hear myself. No wonder the people I called back in the states complained.

I am unable to use Skype in a Sichuan Hotel in Chengdu at the moment.

There are some other VoIP services that are supposed to be as good if not better than Skype. Yahoo, Lycos, and Jajah. Yahoo is basically the same as Skype but jajah and lycos have some interesting alternatives. you can check Jajah here

I also have a post on Using skype in China if your are interested: link

I'm in the Shandong province and we are not able to sign into our accounts either now for two days!!! This is driving me nuts. I'm leaving skype and going to vontage!!!

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