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Has China Telecom been green damned?


Danwei commenter eric left a comment today to alert us to the fact that he was encountering the above message rather the usual "Connection Timeout" notice for certain sites. Is this China Telecom taking inspiration from Green Dam but replacing that software's rabbit mascot with a gopher?

eric wrote that access in Shenzhen to CNN and Digg was blocked by this notice.

The notice asks you to enter a password if you want to see the "unhealthy" content, and says that it's a notice from "mommy and daddy."

Do any Danwei readers have more information on this barrier?

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Comments on Has China Telecom been green damned?

The government really think they are our Mom and Dad now. I think they have this moto of People is our mother and father (人民是我们的衣食父母), not vise versa. Since when they change their mind?

These China Telecom pop-ups, often along with whimsical animations, are no news to me. We live in Dongguan between Guangzhou and Shenzhen; the pop-ups were worse last year, we really felt 'monitored', but rare this year. Maybe they are "on the rise" again. I stopped paying for my connection because it's very bad anyway with way too many 'time-outs'.

Starting from last year, the local government ordered companies, especially the larger (foreign) factories, to purchase a nice little device that would monitor their internet activity. In addition to a regular service fee, of course. I saw the newsletter/press release introducing this new measure "to ensure the safety of the company", and it read like a bad science fiction movie.

I was wondering why China Telecom had a brief yet huge outage some days ago, it seems that the rumor is true, they are installing server-side filtering mechanisms across the nation.

What a fucking mess, this is going to be yet another laughing stock of international scale.

The Great Chinese Intranet is born.

This is a service proviced by a sub company of China Telecom, it offers to filter pornographic or violent sites.

My Internet Service Provider China Telcom Zhejiang Brach had this service since last year, here is the page that I met before link . As far as I know, Zhejiang Telcom only filter porn sites.

Charles, if they filter, they filter...and it will not stay with "only porn sites" :-(

Hmm, I live in Shenzhen and I've never gotten that screen, even though I go on, umm, a wide variety of web sites. I just get the good ol' "connection has timed out" censor.

I frequently get those screens (wait, should I be admitting this?) although they're devoid of bucolic cartoon subdivisions and cheerful, wide-eyed fauna. The offending content that triggers their appearance seems a bit random and usually trying again later or sometimes simply reloading the page gets around the annoyance. This is in Jiangsu with China Telecom, by the way.

I'm in Shenzhen and have China Telecom broadband but have never seen this. I've just checked and I can still access CNN no problem either.

I have had the Cyber police pop up a couple of times (those cartoon characters) but nothing more sinster than that.


I have analyzed this behaviour.

When your ADSL first connects to china telicoms equipment , there is a randomizing function that 'grabs' and re-points your first URL
and hte first page 'fed' to your browser 'may' be this page.
In some case this is linked to payable' adverts' (gold mining?)

It is independent of the DNS server, which means the network is actually looking for HTML get requests at a low level.

(I HAVE also seen and recorded JS Exploits injected with some of these screens)
The "Device" mentioned further up, is for ALL companies with more than 2 computers, it is SPECIFICALLY designed to bridge your firewall.
And look at 'internal' network traffic. (I have also 'looked' at this device)

you will find the "magic" box law here: link

(read points 7,8,9, about remote police access!!), even better is the 'fine' structure.

It's actually been law since 2006, but enforced in may 2008

There are a number of box suppliers, but a common thread is that they ALL have remote management and logging, of ALL traffic, on a companies intranet AND external requests, not to mention the ability to 'remote' update , remote download and remote SSL tunneling into the equipment.

For the China Telicom ones, these devices are built on top of linux IP , (no credit is given) they are also security sealed, to prevent you getting inside and directly accessing the builtin diskdrive (yes they have integral diskdrives!!)

Haven't run into this in Panyu or in the office in Guangzhou... yet.

I thought I was feeling too good about the Green Dam postponement announcement yesterday.... :-(


Can't access this site through way of web proxy at the I the only one?


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