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Facebook blocked in China

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Danwei readers in Beijing reported earlier today that Facebook seemed to be blocked. It was accessible in Shanghai this afternoon, but now seems to be blocked nationwide.

There's more about this in a post by Sky Canaves on the Wall Street Journal blog.

Meanwhile, in further China Olympic lock down news, Mei Fong reports on the Journal's blog:

Beastly Traffic
Beijing’s International Center for Veterinary Services says as of today its Royal Canin dog food suppliers will be unable to truck in deliveries from its Tianjin warehouse. And there won’t be any new deliveries of its food – a specialized brand typically sold at pet stores and by vets – until September.

One world, one dream.

Update 1: (July 2) Facebook is working again.

Update 2: Or perhaps not; see comments to this post.

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Comments on Facebook blocked in China

Facebook is working here in Shenzhen...

FB working in SH......1:00 A.M., July 2.


Not working for me on China Telecom residential ADSL in Shanghai.

Nothing wrong with Facebook for me here in southern Chaoyang on a university network. Works perfectly.

In the WSJ article it says that half a million foreign visitors will be here for the Games,,that was the estimate in the past,,but does anyone have the latest estimates?

FB working fine in Tianjin as of 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday. However, it has been a little "wonky" on certain days.

Facebook is not accessible in Beijing as of this morning, though that could be technical glitches. It's evening time in the US when I would imagine the site gets the most traffic.

It works on and off in the last 2 days or so. It doesn't seem to be blocked but more an internal tweaking since they just launched the Chinese version.

Now it is accessible in BeiJing.

FB is completely dead in Qingyuan now (7/2 11:38am).

it's blocked now (7/2 14:25) in Tianjin.

facebook is dead and so is myspace... how weird, considering myspace has it's own chinese version. i can't understand why these sites are blocked while blogspot is working. doesn't blogspot have more "subversive" potential???

I had intermittent problems connecting to Facebook on July 1st but never for very long periods; I'm hesitant to blame it on the Net Nanny.

didn't work yesterday (7/1). worked this morning (7/2). doesn't work this afternoon (7/2).

where is the logic?

Facebook not working. Been very unreliable last few weeks. Same with Hotmail.

Facebook is not working here in Chengdu, 4Pm July 2nd.

Hi, Jeremy Goldkorn.

I provided some screenshots on different (facebook IPs been) ping-to at ifgogo, feel free to use it:

I am in Xi'an, China. It seems Facebook is blocked. The thing is that at times it's not, at times it is. I am just using a VPN to get past it and it works brilliantly.

Blogspot is not working and hasn't been working

Appears to be down in the south (GZ) as of 1635 hrs.

It was fine in Beijing yesterday and this morning for me, but has now stopped working this afternoon.

Aren't people being too cynical and paranoid? Facebook is working all the time for me in Xinjiang, and considering its Xinjiang, I doubt there are any move on part of the government to block it. Just relax, just some technial problems.

Facebook is accesable in Nanjing. Unfortuantely, MySpace is accesable as well :)

Back on down south now (1900)

We're not paranoid. It's the same thing with Youtube. You can't watch the videos. Google Images also doesn't work.

As of 20:00 p.m. Beijing time, Facebook is working. :)

Facebook first went down here in Changsha, about three days ago. It worked yesterday, but is now down again. I don't know what games the Chinese are playing, but they better stop. Cutting people off from their friends and family is not funny.

Oh well, there goes my electronic social life. Now I guess I'll have to make some real friends... :(

Are there commercial or nonprofit services that track which URL's seem to be blocked? Is there one where you can put in a sample URL and get a report back?

I haven't been able to acces my FB account for three days here in Chengdu, and other people I know haven't been able to either! It's almost like depriving one of a personal e-mailing account at this point.

Happy to see Facebook is again accessible in Beijing (9:35 a.m. on Thursday, July 3) -- after having failed to fetch it for the past day.

On a related side-note: I was also happy to be tipped off (thanks to a comment above) that Blogspot blogs are in fact now accessible. That had consistently not been the case recently in the past month or two (and it had likewise not been the case for me when in Beijing last autumn).

I thought (vis-a-vis Facebook and Blogspot): you lose one, win another. For now (this morning), they both show evidence of extant existence; -- as if a thousand internet flowers might blossom, a thousand sites contend.

I was just on Facebook for the past 30 minutes, then it got blocked again at about 10am July 3.

I've had no further problem accessing Facebook today (now writing from Beijing at 1:55pm).

"What happened?" remains an interesting question -- one which (in absence of actual knowledge) allows scope for various imaginative scenarios, an event (or nonevent) worthy of theatrical, cinematic, or fictional treatment.


its blocked in Tianjin........
crap,, anyone from gylc??

Facebook blocked in shanghai today (July 3rd, 15:17) but can be opened by using a proxy... But not that great though... :(

I live in Beijing as well, and my facebook isn't working. Not sure if it's blocked because apparently other people are using it fine. But I've been trying to access it for about 30 minutes now...

was working, not anymore

ditto (again -- was working, not anymore)

Not working in Beijing :(

Was working last night at home, but now blocked. [Xiamen]
Kind of on and off when I tried in office today though.

it seems to be on and off, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. but u can always go on by using Proxy websites, a little slow...but at least you can use facebook

im in beijing
and it's not working... this is such a pain in the ass....

Not working again from Thursday the 3rd of July at 10pm through to now (12:30am Friday the 4th)
Any ideas on why?

not working in ningbo (south of sh). Has been working just fine up untill now

Possible temporary fix, I was able to access it again by clearing my temporary internet files and cookies. I could navigate through all parts as normal. It worked as long as I lef tthe same window open. But once I closed it, I could not access it again.

Its still working fine in Urumqi Xinjiang. Sometimes it might be slow as it says redirecting, but still works.

Facebook in Beijing worked for about 5 minutes this morning and has been inaccessible ever since.

not work! in gz

Facebook was accessable this morning in Beijing but is now blocked.

I was in Changsha this last week and I tried accessing facebook at around 4am this morning, and had no luck (timed out)

Sometimes I'm able to access blocked sites if I connect through GPRS, but it seems not to be working with Facebook.

In Xi'an, I can't access Facebook just by typing in the url for my profile or the home page, but I can access it if I try going through That's as of the evening of July 5.

I'm on CNC internet.

Hey Uzziah, I am also in Xi'an!!! Facebook is working sometimes and isn't sometimes. I'm uploading videos on Facebook and it's working fine.

facebook isn't working in tianjin as of july 5th, 22;31

Well here in Huzhou Facebook, Hotmail and Yahoo are all down. Considering these are ways I get in touch with people back home... well it's more than a little frustrating.

FaceBook not working in Beijing at the moment!! it is sunday, July 6th 2008. 10:29 p.m

Guangzhou,FB returned last night and has been well accessible ever since.

intermittent in Shanghai...not blocked but definitely not as accessible as it used to be in June

... and theeeen?

it's not working!!!!!! IM FREAKING OUT

It worked on July 3rd, in Shanghai. It was very iffy on July 4th, in Shanghai. It worked fine July 6th in Fuzhou. Now, July 7th, it doesn't. (Tried everything=Two cities, four computers, two browsers, LAN connections, advanced options)

it was working pretty good ever since i got to china, but in the last few days it's been blocked or so it seems...... on and off, but as of right now (7/7) not at all........

Down in Shenzhen since this morning.

Down in Beijing right now... has to be technical glitches.. time to switch to proxy.

hasn't been working at all today in Suzhou.

Hong kong worked (duh), Shenzhen worked.....but Yue Nan....totally dead....crap man...I'm totally cut off now from all my friends out of the country....

I'm in Nansha, near Panyu District, GD...its working on and off, its really irritating.

worked in Kunming until about 17:00...

We were using facebook to invite and thank friends for coming to a funeral, very upset!

China Unicom/Telecom probably serve the most unreliable intraweb ever. The GoldenShield of China just worsens everything. I can't even tell when a page won't load if the internet's down again or if the site is blocked. 8(

It's the 20th and Facebook works. I'm in Shanghai.

Facebook doesn't work...I'm in a hotel in Shanghai...

why is this?

DAMN U FACEBOOK. not working in guangzhou

Facebook has been up and down all week. Il get on, be able to log in, but when i start browsing it wont load.
From Shanghai

Facebook not working in Dalian

Facebook not working in Lijian :@!!!!!

Not working in Sanya for awhile.

not working in Hainan

Facebook has been up and running in Nanjing all day today. In the past, I have often encountered difficulty accessing Facebook in Internet bars, both in Jiangsu and other provinces. Internet bar servers often redirect Facebook queries to Baidu or some other website. I traveled in Sichuan and Yunnan earlier this year and it was very difficult to access Facebook there. Accessing it often required a variety of tricks such as going directly to the log-in page, rather than

Seem facebook down in Shanghai since two days..

Facebook still blocked in Shanghai!

Funny, some days a go it was still working, and now it's blocked? What's the reason? They should tell us!

Proxy it. It'll work but not as well.

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