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GFW outage


China's Internet censorship system, known to most of its opponents as the Great FireWall or GFW suffered an outage last night.

According to comments on this website and chatter on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter itself were all accessible in China from about midnight last night until about 3:30 am.

I cannot confirm if this was only on CNC ADSL connections, or all Internet connections in China.

Rumors on Twitter say that the cause was the installation of some kind of upgrade to the GFW software.

Update: Apparently Guangzhou did not enjoy the GFW breakdown.

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Comments on GFW outage

Pretty funny that when Facebook, Twitter, etc actually do work for a scant few hours, that's considered news in China.
Everywhere else, it's just life as usual.
(I mean 'funny' as in sad and funny.)

I was able to access in jianwai area via my WIFI around 2am, jan.4th, but not facebook or youtube.

The Los Angeles Times carries a good summary of the outage, replete with a quote from Jeremy Goldkorn: link

Besides that, this sentence in the LA Times piece was worth savoring: "China Unicom did not respond to requests for an interview, neither did Chinese officials overseeing online security."

It is sad but i find this in youtube but i can't. I want to see

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