Net Nanny Follies blocked in China: on again, off again

Note: This post has been completely rewritten since it was published last night for clarity, accuracy and to remove unnecessary qualification and opinion. The original text has been archived here.

At around 10pm last night June 24, Internet users on and in various parts of China reported that and related services such as Gmail were inaccessible, although continued to work.

About an hour later, and related services were working properly on a domestic CNC connection in Beijing. But reports in the comments of this Danwei post and on Fanfou, Twitter etc. indicate that some Internet service providers are still blocking

This attack on Google by China's Net Nanny is the latest despicable trick in an ongoing war between the international search giant and various state media; see links below.


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Comments on blocked in China: on again, off again isn't blocked, though. What's the deal here?

google seems to be working right now at pearl(whore) of the orient.

ouch. danwei lays the smack down on the net nanny.

omg it's gone... just a blink of eyes!

Nice to hear a fellow expat recognize the merits of "Chinese Communist Party style practicality." While I am concerned about human rights abuses around the world, like most Westerners, I also know that no amount of complaining and spouting of lofty ideals from our countries will produce change in China. If China's political situation ever does change significantly, it will come about because of Chinese people, not us. Countries like India -- where problems continue with basic infrastructure such as roads in part because plans often get held up by political bickering in New Delhi -- could perhaps use "less European style fixation on human rights that do not increase the GDP."

But yeah, the Google situation is beyond reasonable. Will it backfire at home?

It still works using no longer works though.

傻 beyond belief

Why don't you say what you really feel? Don't sugar coat it!

fuck the GFW!

This is really a huge humiliation of China.
I hope they can realize how wrong they've been and unblock them as soon as possible.

Totally agree.. I'm shamed to be chinese

Sorry...CCP is a package deal. You cannot complain that you like one part of it but not the other. Enjoy the golden cage while it lasts.

I cannot access my emails.
I cannot view my photos.
I cannot read my subscribes.
I cannot get my bookmarks.
I cannot find out my rights.


not surprising, but still infantile.


Danwei has done a lot for the online discussion of China. And I am frequently in agreement with you. But I must say this post---if it is meant seriously, and is not tongue in cheek---smacks of a very old fashioned elitism.

You give the impression that you think the Party is fine when it keeps the lower orders in line (by refusing to be swayed by a "European style fixation on rights," by focusing on GDP growth rather than human development, etc.) but has gone way too far when it... blocks a search engine? Really?

This is why Chinese liberals have gotten so much guff over the years. They seem basically cool with authoritarian capitalism, balancing long term this and that with short term this and that and only piping up now and then when a market principle (land ownership, say) appears to be in line with ordinary people's needs---but want everyone else to be absolutely outraged when they can't distribute their essays or their favorite research tool has hiccups.

It seems wise for foreigners to avoid the same trap.

go and try
go and find out Gmail in

It was inaccessible around a little past 10, both and gmail. is back, all Google services turns normal. Taizhou Telcom.

go and try
go and find out Gmail in

was out here for a bit - but back working now... i would hope gvt doesnt cut its own head off like that


I'm chinese, I fuck china gov

It is with great sadness that I learn of the government's decision to block Gmail and other Google services in mainland China. So many Chinese students, teachers and people from all walks of life (including government officials) rely on these sites to conduct research, stay current with domestic and international news, expand their knowledge of the world and communicate with friends, family and colleagues living here and abroad. Google is not the enemy, nor is any other search engine or Internet-based service. The enemy is ignorance, and the hubris of trying to hold back the progress of 1.4 billion of the world's people.

wow! wow! it is fucking shit

Why do so many people who want to criticize China these days feel the need to begin by praising its accomplishments? No need for a "complement sandwich" here. No need to worry about offending the feelings of the Chinese people. Just call it like you see it. This is embarrassing. Sometimes you gotta wonder who is running the show.

hahaha, I freaked out for a moment there too...

It's still not coming through in Panyu as of 23:17. No Google search, no Gmail... "Connection Interrupted." :-(

If this apology "Apologies for the post below. It appears there was a technical glitch: Google is not blocked in China." isn't sarcastic, then I would like to tell you that I had no problems accessing, gmail, apps, etc from within China when using a North American proxy.

Still not working in SH.

Through proxy works.

Back for me too.
In developed countries, the initial reaction would have been that it was a technical glitch.

But I also assumed it was blocked by the CCP (or some section of the gov)..

Sort of says something about what China is about in my eyes...

So Jeremy, your feelings towards the CCP are back to "normal", with GDP as the key criteria to view their effectiveness?

ha ha funny eh, its like when you lose electricity, dont realize how much you depend on it until you have a blackout eh

Knee-jerk reactions make you look like a child on the world stage.

Well, you don't have to apologize. It might be true that most google service had been blocked for around half an hour.
Even if that might be a technical glitch, or, as I thought, that might be just a test of both tech and how people react, the fact is fact.

Just to confirm "Jimmy" above:
In Zhuhai (Guangdong Province, as Panyu) also neither nor is accessible, pop3 or smtp to also not working.

Access is only via VPN possible. and its projects didn't work for me for over two hours; though the .cn, .fr, etc urls worked fine. Everything seems to be working as usual now though.

Still, the whole thing is pretty odd.

It's possible the Chinese government is f***ing with you. They know you'll report on any block of google right away, so they actually do block it for a few hours. Then after these reports come out, they unblock it, just to make you look stupid. That reinforces the idea among netizens that all blocks are merely technical glitches and there's no such thing as net-nanny.


Shanghai Telecom, * is still blocked. Never re-accessible since being blocked.

Still blocked here. CNC, Wuhan

no or here.. (jiangsu)

Nope, it's definitely blocked right now! Checked different browsers, http & https, neither google mail nor google itself.

i need not bloody censorship crap sucks

Jeremy you better keep the original post in case the blocking recurs and you need to undo the apology. Gosh I am sick of this blocking business. Why doesn't my beloved government leave us a lone and give us a break?

i am in xinjiang and cannot access either gmail or google. works but no gmail access. what is this?!

23:53 still blocked works fine.

and proxy will show it up again

Still blocked here (Yunnan) at midnight.

Blocked in Shanghai 12:12

(Xinjiang even HAS the net???)

Was not accessible earlier this evening, but now, 0.17 AM, accessible again in Jinan, Shandong.

google (mail, search, apps, reader, https - the lot of it) not on in qingdao. even tried the 'labs' workaround which, uh, didn't work.
shameless.. immature.. the usual. i mean, cutting off blogs, etc. is one (despicable) thing, but not being able to read my email and thus work is quite another! what am i supposed to do tomorrow - take the day off?
if only the air here was as 'unpolluted' as the average chinese web user's experience.. it's incredible how sterile the internet (ipso facto this country's view of today's world) has become. the mule's version of global knowledge and concern has degenerated to mindless brainwashing of the guy on the street, along with its pirated versions of the blood & sweat code of great-minded programmers of the googles et al. youku, fanfou - take your pick. i'm more disgusted than ever and that's saying a lot.
many of my ex-pat friends say china can't go back to closing shop, as in its repetitive tide of history. but i'm having my doubts - all proof, the proof we have access to, is indicating otherwise :•(

was blocked here in tianjin for 2 hours, unblocked around 11 and reblocked again at midnight is inaccessible in Xi'an, via China Telecom, ant it's nearly half past midnight. Only a VPN works. It's definitely the net nanny with her knickers in a knot.

Gmail is still blocked. Shit! I don't understand this, a thousand of people's work here in China is based on Email. Email is not a fun thing these days it is necessary. I need to check my mail.

Gmail is still blocked. Shit! I don't understand this, a thousand of people's work here in China is based on Email. Email is not a fun thing these days it is necessary. I need to check my mail.

tried https... gmail still not working in Shenzhen

At 12:47 AM downtown Guangzhou gmail and google are blocked.

I can not use gmail even on
I am in SH

that's ridiculous!

I believe the big brother is poking around to try out his new ability,just like what he did before block youtube.
The propaganda has been on for quite some time,whatever happen to google,I won't be surprised.

As of 00:50 25 June and cannot be accessed in Wuhan. Weird huh!?!

google, etc, still off in my part in shanghai. guess the engineers went to bed/KTV and left it off.

Just Another Reason why China Sucks *ick.

Why does the government blocking of google make chinese people look like children? It's a government initiative. This is so typical of the western attitude that if one asian does something then it means all asians are generalized into that category. for searching is ok. gmail(no matter or, and no matter http or https) is still blocked. so does

Damn it.

whew... glad i was in a rush and didn't spread the meme by blogging.

Jeremy Goldkorn: "Despite their frequent missteps, I genuinely think the Chinese Communist Party is doing a great job running the country. Sometimes I...wish there would be more Chinese Communist Party style practicality, and less European style fixation on human rights that do not increase the GDP."

Jeremy Goldkorn may have founded, but this post proves once more that he is not its most valuable contributor. (Thanks so much, Jeremy, for your recent 香椿 omlette documentary.)

After 60 years of CCP rule, the pragmatists in Beijing that Jeremy so admires have done exactly what? According to the CIA World Factbook, China's per capita GDP (ppp) ranks 132 globally. And China, with 4.5X the population of the U.S. (i.e., approx 20% of global population) accounts for less than 7% of global GDP. (The U.S. accounts for 20%.) At best, the most inclusive estimates regarding the size of China's middle class (i.e., $3,500 per year or more) run around 400 million. That means that for every 1 member of the middle class, there is at least 1 person who earns $2 per day or less. And that doesn’t even include the vast number of poor and uneducated who earn more than $2 per day but not enough to be considered middle class. Nothing to crow about, if you ask me. In short, in just 30 years, the CCP has presided over the creation of one of the most unequal societies anywhere. In addition, the government that Jeremy professes to wish upon his African compatriots has been ranked by Reporters Without Borders as the number one enemy of the press for years on end (in 2008, China was also ranked as one of the 12 “enemies of the internet”), and regularly imprisons Chinese citizens who dare to offer even modest criticisms of its rule. Come to think of it, perhaps Jeremy should share his views with Liu Xiaobo (and the other signers of the 2008 Charter) and the Tiananmen Mothers. Barring that, I recommend that Jeremy collaborate with the authors of 中国可以说不 and 中国不高兴 on their next book project. One might suggest to Jeremy that the apparent success of the last 30 years says as much about how poorly China was run during the 30 years prior to Reform and Opening than it says about how well it's been run since. He reminds me of those sad expats and tourists that you often see on CCTV going on in English or broken Chinese about how much they "love, love, love China." Pathetic nonsense.

Jeremy doesn't seem to understand the link between the economic and social freedoms that the CCP finally saw fit to allow the Chinese people and China's return to economic and political significance. That is, without even these modest freedoms, there would have been no so-called “economic miracle.” Sadly, however, these freedoms are not protected. As such, like free access to the internet, they can be taken away at a whim. There’s no point discussing political freedoms such as speech, assembly and rule of law. They simply don’t exist - not in any real measure anyway.

It's often said that CCP legitimacy is based on nationalism and the promise of continued economic progress. What's not often said is that the third leg of CCP legitimacy is its monopoly on military (and para-military) force. There are reasons that the PLA swears allegiance to the CCP and not the state or people. If this doesn't concern Jeremy, it should. When the economy finally goes seriously south (and it will), the CCP will prove to everyone that it’s the same nasty group of thugs that it was in 1989. Lame attempts at policing online content such as Green Dam, the bullying of Google, and the recent hire of 10,000 internet police (these are in addition to the tens of thousands already out there lurking) are just a start. If anything has changed, it’s the CCP brazen willingness to admit such policies openly, without regard to foreign or domestic criticism. In the end, the CCP cares about nothing so much as staying in power.

Jeremy should keep his embarrassing confessions to himself. His claim that human rights are less important than GDP makes him sound like a fascist. Really.

06:35 in Panyu. still "connection interrupted" and whitescreened on proxy. Will check back at lunch. :-(

No google in Shanghai. Nada. Ads and analytics included. Eish!

It's now 6:35am and Gmail has become blocked (again) in Xi'an, and all Googles are blocked (.com, .uk, etc.). It would be great if every developed nation agreed to block all PRC political, news, etc. sites for 24 hours as a sign of solidarity and protest.

Blocked here in Shenzhen, and has been since about 10 pm on the 24th.

Shanghai, bright and early. Gmail still blocked. Argh, why did I uninstall Tor/Vidalia/Privoxy when I was back home?

6:53 AM. Google (except, Gmail still not accessible in Wuhan.

Still blocked here in Xiamen, both and gmail.

almost all google service were blocked from 22:00-4:00 in the morning-when I'm working on in Jiangsu with my friends in Sichuan and Yunnan.

NAZI is back.

Why did you change the title to Google's back? It's Thursday morning at 7:25 and I don't have Google or Gmail or Google Reader. The only Google service I can access is

I live in WangJing,BeiJing.

Hi, google is still blocked in at least CERNET, Shanghai. Domain name of "" is hijacked to, which is located in Beijing.

What's the the evidence for a "technical glitch" and not a temporary blockage, perhaps to threaten google with a longer one if they don't follow orders?

In Zhengzhou, Henan, all tools blocked till now. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

.ca .com still blocked. Doesn't this force us to use other yahoo and live search? I really don't understand the purpose of this block.

Still down in the south... (8 am)

08:14 no access in Guangzhou

It works here in Beijing now (8:35),but it did went down last nite...

I have nothing to say seriously...

Gmail down in Shanghai :(

Chill out people, things will be back, unless they remove all foreign businesses and medias from Mainland China they can't keep blocking Google.

And yeah fuck gfw.

still down in SZ :,(

This is some technical glitch, Jeremy! and still (at 09:00 on 25th June)cannot be displayed on this server in Wuhan, but can. Curiouser and curiouser.

When will they block the filth that is
This is polluting my brain and disrupting social harmony.

I don't get why some of you are being so harsh on Mr. Goldkorn. Sure his thoughts are unpopular and maybe he has gone completely bonkers. At least he is being honest, which is not what we can say for most of you that just say spout out what others want to hear.

Lighten up on the J.G. bashing.

The ironic thing is that while I believe Mr. Goldkorn dislikes America and its policies, his current stance is right in line with the Obama Administration's opinion with the PRC.

9:03 a.m.

gmail come back, shanghai, telcom

Email is not working currently in Beijing. Proxies work, albeit really slowly. My personal, work and education e-mails are all gmail, and I can't really express how irritating this is. Honestly: China, WTF? I don't want to be childish, but it is at the point that I don't even want to bother living here anymore. You make life impossible. You are capricious and unreliable, and I am tired.

Still no access in Zhuhai.

As for the big "why suddenly blocking"...

Actually it could be expected that something like this will happen. And - the answers are actually in some older posts here on Danwei:
link link

And finally - do not only bash China: With the recent "progress" in internet blocking discussion in e.g. Germany (new blocking law), France and Australia - may end on the blocking lists of these countries as well, with only the local sites (delivering pre-filtered search results) being allowed.

Perfectly fine here in Beijing since shortly after 11pm last night. Wonder what the strategy might be to block it in location A and not location B.

9 am thursday , Shanghai

No Google, No Gmail

This city is supposed to host the expo

An Expo without internet - great has been blocked now in china.
i can't access to it.and now i use a proxy.
what an evil country.

hmm, was back again for about half hour then ..down again. Feel seasick.

Blocked in Anhui.


Report: 9:50am 25/6 -- All Google services working, China Unicom, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Beijing June 25 10am..,no and no gmail but i can access both thru vpn in meantime use yahoo and private proxy..

lol I can't even access (10:00am), wtf is this crap??

Still can't access gmail in Shanghai. but am able to access gmail lite-hope that helps others with no vpn. link

it is said that the did this for retaliation due to "lvba" a blocking software was attacked by the US. what a shame!

Working in Beijing. Those that are still blocked it's possible the block is url related so access through IP address:

I suspect the on/off status is probably related to maintenance on core routers in CHina updating possibly related to the GFW.

i love chinxxx gov so much. it is so powerful and it can to do whatever it wants since 60 years ago. you think blocking google is absurd? well, many years ao, prisoners got shot and they families were asked for paying the costs of the bullet. blocking google is just a small trick. keep on keeping on. you will be the number one in the world.....

A quick fix: when you do the search, just replace the "" with "", and the search result appears...

3und: that's great, do you have the ip adress for gmail too?

Today, I have to decide if I want to study Chinese European Business... But I am really having second thoughts now. Can a country like this really develop? Yes, they produce a lot of steel now, but it seems they would rather keep producing steel than taking the step towards information society.

what's the best proxy?

Nothing working in Shenzhen right now. Most of the Internet down in collateral damage

The way to fuck the GFW and get access to, Gmail & G Reader:

Change the TCP/IP setting, don't choose automatically obtan DNS server, instead using and (openDNS).

For more detailed description, go to:

Google didn't work last night in Shenzhen and still doesn't work.

If you use a proxy, google works however. works without proxy, but not .com.

Keep in mind that this is hardly something new, back in 2002 they blocked for quite a while, but eventually lifted because of huge demands.

12:06 pm at the office in Guangzhou. No .com, no G-mail. I'll be honest, this is really breaking my will to continue teaching here in China. This government isn't ready for a foreign language. :-(

Using OpenDNS can defeat the despicable DNS hijack, please see my previous post.

Don't forget to post it on Facebook...

still nothing working here in guangzhou city (access by china telecom)

can access to and gmail liao.

No google here in Nanchang

nae google or gmail here in Beijingio ... I'm going to throw a serious wobbly soon. I cannae even get on it using a proxy server! gits!

I agree with the original post.

Wed night 24th june to Thursday afternoon 25th June

Still no access to google and Googlmail etc....
Tried via wi-fi in bars/restaurants and back home at my apartment.... ZIp! Nada!

I can appreciate China wanting to curb pornography (as that is their excuse and right) but to cut off communication s/w such as Googlemail/Gmail is just stupid!

I am from the UK, living in China and abide by their rules....
But now I cannot contact or be contacted by email by friends and family (including a very sick mother and my son prior to his birthday!)

And yet other emails systems remain unaffected! Crazy.... if the excuse is to stop porn, justify blocking my email!
If email is to blame for porn (which it isn't due to the small file size limitations and the chinese snail-pace bandwidth) then block all emails....

But of course it isn't, it's just about their argument with Google!
I am caught in the middle and have all my emails from the UK routed through Google... so I am stuffed!

China is great but sometimes I just don't get the logic here!

The original post .... that would be the one of "the Chinese Communist Party is doing a great job" and condemning "European style fixation on human rights".

My google was working until about 16:45 Beijing time as I use, this has now been blocked, although the chinese language google is still working, you can not click through to the english version. What about the thousands of foreign Business people to whom google is a tool.

enter: ipconfig /flushdns in a command prompt.


please check below article for more details on google china story. it's in Chinese

Still not yet seen the predicted firestorm from the Western press, nor indeed from the Chinese blogosphere. The Guardian carried a very subdued report, but did give the links to But it almost read like China Daily's report! Even CD's website is acting very strangely at the moment. Ironically, the Guardian's report has been pushed into third place by two other cyber related stories from the UK now. Weirdest thing of all, there doesn't seem to have been much of a public response from Google yet.

Brent, you can just add your Gmail account to a hotmail account.

google seems to be back - hooray! and by the way, your original post was interesting, why not create a separate blog page so we can hear more of your personal views?

As 21:00 on June 25 all Google services are fully accessible in Zhuhai - after a complete internet outage that lasted about 2 hours.

@lone wolf
Exactly! Why isn't anyone covering the story?! It's a big story.

Even here at Danwei they've moved on to write about the usual "China Daily" stuff. Look at the number of comments on this post (120+) and compare it to this weeks other stories (0-25).
Afraid of becoming blocked and losing your ad money?

Google sites (gmail, google analytics, etc.) have been blocked in Jiangxi for about two days now. Our business uses google for email and calendaring.

Most annoying is that any site which uses google-analytics (THAT'S LOT OF SITES!) cannot be loaded.

>As 21:00 on June 25 all Google services are fully accessible in Zhuhai - after a complete internet outage that lasted about 2 hours.

If you're entire internet is done that might not be related to the google outage.


I appreciate your sense of humor at this incident.

Thanks very much for the tips, 3und. If there's one ray of light in the darkness, I've gotten a bit of an education here.

You're not the only one minus the web last night, gma. Last night, whilst I was surfing in Panyu, my web stopped working completely. EVERYTHING was "Connection Interrupted." Disconnect, reconnect, restart browser... nothing. Not even Yahoo! Messenger. Played Zuma for an hour or so, tried again... nothing. Then I rebooted, and it all came clear as a bell. Google and G-mail included.

At 8:53 this morning, Panyu, it still woiks. For now.... I'm wondering if the Powers That Be tried unplugging the whole Web out of spite.

This whole "pornography" argument is so obviously a red herring. The real issue is net censorship. Anyone who has lived or visited China for any length of time knows that there are "massage parlors" and "sex health" shops on nearly every street. Urban China is supported by a thriving sex industry based on the exploitation of (mostly) rural women.

It is laughable that the Chinese government is picking on Google when kids walking in their neighborhoods every day pass dens of prostitution. If the Chinese government cared about these issues they would go after the source. Of course, as a Chinese friend once quipped--if they did that it would have a negative effect on the "business climate."


can't agree more, the whole thing is about censorship, google china's suggest function shows too many politicaly sensitive stuff and some top officials must be seriously mad and told the medias to attack google for porn content.

they don't care about porn at all, there are several adultware shops by my apartment and many more e-shops online, and you can get more porn from baidu and bing than google.

plus, they got humiliated by netizens' crackdown of the green dam software, now everyone is aware enough to first uninstall the crap after they buy a new computer, which means 40 million yuan wasted.

and from what I've gathered, the blackout might be a drill to cope with possible destablizing situation in the future, they saw how iran almost got fried by social networking technologies, like Ahmadinejad, they just fear the internet.

after reading the original text, i've gained a lot of respect for this website. i mean, who cares if people are being arrested, jailed, and even sometimes killed if it means more money? to hell with human rights, GDP at any cost is all that matters. (shame on you, jeremy)

From David; "GDP at any cost is all that matters. (shame on you, jeremy)"

you forgot about convenient internet access. never mind dissidents being locked up, can't be doing without our google fix.

i dont know what to say
GFW is really good -_-

Try this when google is blocked !!


Thought your readers might be interested in what appears to be google's first published reaction on the recent crackdowns. Some interesting comments:


" Jeremy should keep his embarrassing confessions to himself. His claim that human rights are less important than GDP makes him sound like a fascist. Really. "


Watch the award-winning film "Lakshmi and me", you will understand what Jeremy was talking about.

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