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Granite Studio decentralized

The excellent Granite Studio blog ("A Qing historian reads the newspaper") has moved from Blogspot, usually blocked in China, to its own server at

As Chairman Mao said, “Command cannot be highly centralized otherwise guerrilla action is too limited in scope.”

Good advice for China bloggers: if you want to avoid being censored, blocked or otherwise harmonized, get your own server space and stay away from the big, centralized platforms like Blogspot and Typepad.

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Mao said what ?? on which page of the Little Red Book ?

In Chapter 9 of the essay "Guerrilla War Strategy Against Japan" (抗日游击战争的战略问题), issued in 1938, Mao wrote:


In the English translation (published as Chapter 7 of On Guerrilla Warfare), this was rendered as

Because guerrilla formations act independently and because they are the most elementary of armed formations, command cannot be too highly centralized. If it were, guerilla action would be too limited in scope.


Chapter and verse, even? Gotta love that.

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