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Livejournal blocked in China?

Blog and online diary platform Livejournal seems to be blocked in Beijing, and also in Shenzhen, according to Mary Ann O'Donnel, author of Shenzhen Field Notes.

Can readers elsewhere in the country confirm? Please leave a comment or send email to jeremy -at-

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Unavailable here in Guangxi (unless I use a proxy.)

One China blogger I know has already moved off LJ a couple days ago because it is blocked in Dongbei. In Shanghai it's unreachable as well (at work through Wangtong, and at home on residential China Telecom ADSL).

Currently blocked in Nanjing with VNet ADSL service. Loads with a proxy.

link url should be:
(without www prefix)

and I'm in Shenzhen. Yes, also my friends in Beijing, Nanning, Nanjing and Zhaoqing are blocked from their journal/blog.

I cannot get the weblog here in Shanghai and the signal is blocked at the place where you normally would expect the filter system.
Strangely enough, I also could not get it when I used my proxy - and that is mostly no problem.

It's blocked here in Shanghai too and starting to affect investments. You can only block so many sites before the patters start indicating there will be trouble ahead.

Well the National People's Congress (NPC)has just started. It is traditional Chinese culture to block something in recognition.

Looks like it is blocked. My question is: why?

wuhan: blocked.

Unavailable here in Beijing

yes , the web is blocked here in ningbo,zhejiang province

down in fuzhou as well.

Southern Fujian reporting, no LJ. I noticed when I couldn't read Xinjiang Watch a couple of days ago.

I can confirm the blocked in Dongbei. It's down in Harbin.

Blocked in Xi'an.

Ok, so we know its definitively blocked.

But why?!

What do you mean, why?
It's always puzzled me that LiveJournal should not be blocked while other blogging sites were. Looks like a mistake has been rectified, several years on.

... has anyone here ever heard of proxy...

No need to roll-call every town and village in China - the fact is: LJ is deemed too dangerous all over the place and parental control advice to someone hu's name is ironically Who was to keep his kids away from LJ.
See the picture at
it is in Russian but it is the picture you'd want to see, not the text (which is roughly about the same).

I am pissed! Does anybody know when or will they ever lift the ban? I really need to have access to the site and proxy is a) slow, and b) doesnt let you log in.

well, i just found that you can still log in livejournal by using anonymouse.

and here "great firewall of china" will tell you if a site is truly blocked. very useful site.

Yes,I'm pretty sure LJ's blocked in the whole mainland. My friends from all over the country said they couldn't reach LJ.

I'm in Hangzhou, just logged in through a proxy.

not blocked for me, i use an anonymous proxy server complements of

seems flickr is now blocked now too. anyone else having problems ?
since arriving in Chengdu, i can't seem to get log on. maybe just on some network providers though, or netbar "self-censorship" software specific to this city ?

the strangest thing is, i was able to access livejournal using Hilton hotel's internet service, but once i got to Chengdu and Qingdao i can't get it at all.

I want LJ back.

still @(#*&!ing blocked

POed in Shenzhen

Don't you guys read the announcement from LJ?
Maybe you guys use proxy to route around the world and see the announcement. It'd be months ago LJ said that they are being blocked by CN. It's too late to say Goodbye to LJ~ gosh.

LJ's blocked here in Hangzhou. I'm gonna try using a proxy.

Hell, they blocked it in Suzhou to =-=" anybody have any helpful proxys?

It was open right around thanks giving for about 3 weeks in hangzhou now its back down again.

Livejournal is blocked in entire country from time to time. A month ago, we could get onto LJ, now we can't

Still blocked as of April 19, 2009 in Hangzhou

Thanks, sak, for that!

It's actually working in Shenzhen for me right now. I don't think the computer I'm at has a proxy. It lets me search Tiananmen on English wiki, but youtube's blocked still.

Blocked again. It was working thirty minutes ago.

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