Net Nanny Follies

More Chinese mockery of Net Nanny

Danwei recently reported on a virtual voodoo doll that Chinese netizens have been using to 'torture' the Net Nanny or GFW (Great Firewall).

Yesterday the excellent online news roundup website Memedia posted this week's summary. It included the following graphic from the Mao Wo blog:


The text reads:

2008 — Let our society be even more harmonious
China's Internet blocks everything under the sun

It's a spoof of the ad below for telecom and broadband provider CNC:


The original ad (currently used as a banner on CNC's home page) reads:

2008 - Let the stage of our dreams be even broader
China's Internet broadens everything under the sun

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Nice photoshop...I will be laughing if CNC website got hacked and replaced with that!

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