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Net Nanny takes her meds

China's Net Nanny has unblocked the Google-owned blog host Blogspot.

Blogspot has been blocked since June this year, but have a look at this Danwei post to see the on-again ogg-again approach the Nanny has taken to messing with the Internet. is also flickering back to life in China: pages hosted at and seem to be working in Beijing, although the photos hosted on farm2 are still blocked. It seems that all newly uploaded photos are currently accessible.

Bearing in mind Nanny's previous behavior, we can expect that both Blogspot and Flickr will be blocked again before long.

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I'm getting a quite odd thing from CNC here in Beijing. It seems they have a trigger on frequently visited pages - if I refresh profiles or "my comment" trackers too often on a couple of large community sites I participate in, I get that horrible ad-laden "can't find the URL, here's Baidu" page. Yet the rest of the site or individual threads work fine - it's just now much more of a pain in the arse to find them. Cheers, CNC, or whoever.

Oh, and it seems the Wordpress blogs are back too - or is that not news? I can't keep up with this Kafkaesque hokey-cokey they have us dancing.

It might be news, Jim, but I can't get to any blogs myself.

Weird. It was this game design one came up on a search for something else yesterday: It opened albeit a little sluggishly last night, but as you say, no go again today. Maybe flicked a switch too many and have now put it back.

Now 1.3 billion people + expats can read my blog!

uh ... whenever I try to access blogspot I get automatically redirected to hmmm ... perhaps I'm just being an idiot, so if anyone knows how to rectify this, do let me know :)

My blog was still blocked last time I checked. It was blocked around the time blogspot was. For unknown reasons. I did a lot of self-censorship and apparently it doesn't pay off!

As happy as I am for Blogspot to be back, it's not a fair trade for the loss of Youtube.

About Flickr, well, farm3 is a new Flickr server, and the Flickr block is a simple ban on the farm1 and farm2 names appearing in HTML. Where I'm at the farm1 and farm2 servers are still being blocked. If someone can see farm1 it's probably because the block is sputtering a bit or he/she has already cached those images in his/her browser.

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