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Picking off the small troublemakers...

... One by one.

From Global Voices:

Three prominent bloggers GFWed in the same week

Following the blocking of veteran Internet essayist He Caitou's two longstanding blogs and on December 25, renowned columnist Lian Yue had yet another one of his blogs,, blocked on the 29th; late on the evening of December 30, Peking University new media associate professor Hu Yong discovered his independent blog,, has also become inaccessible from mainland China.

As we found out when was blocked in July 2009, the Net censors in China are going after small websites and blogs hosted on servers outside of China. Any website about China with a certain amount of influence within China that publishes anything about certain sensitive subjects is fair game for the Great FireWall treatment.

Welcome to 2010.

Links and Sources
  • Twitter feeds of Hecaitou, Lian Yue, Hu Yong
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    For some mysterious reasons, Nanny suddenly decides to unblock Wordpress. My blog, which has never been accessible in China before, is finally unblocked, even though I have been writing nothibng but taboo topics, as always. I checked other Wordpress blogs, including a Free Tibet one and a FLG one. They are all accessible from behind the Great Fire Wall. I reckon Nanny is too busy dealing with all these big fish that she decides to let the small ones go.,, youtube, blogspot, etc... are all directly accessible for me right now- Beijing, 22:27, Jan., 4 2010.

    well, that was short lived... everything blocked again.

    Can you tell us if there's still traffic from China to your website? The shows 19.9% of your visitors are coming from China, are they subscribers or just WuMao? I'm interested in the effectiveness of the GFW...

    Yes, there are a lot of people using VPNs and other tricks to get around the GFW and access Danwei.

    I have no idea about the accuracy of Alexa's numbers. Google Analytics shows a mere handful of visitors from China, but Google's stats are based on IP addresses, so people using VPNs to access our website will appear to be coming from wherever there VPN server is located.

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