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Twitter available in China again

Twitter and Flickr, blocked in China since last week, seem to be available again according to reports from Shanghai, Qingdao and Beijing.

Chinese websites such as that suspended service due to "server maintenance" last week seem to all be back online again.

For the latest updates on the state of Twitter, please go to Danwei's Net Nanny Follies category.

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Comments on Twitter available in China again

Nanny's public awareness campaign has ended, now everyone and their brother knows about June Fourth.

Getting the site in GZ at 14:11. Glad, but still apprehensive....

This is still no more than a lie. >:C
You don't believe those liars,in China nothing is availible again except wikipedia,I mean,NOTHING.

I can not access twitter, at least in my net provider

twitter available in beijing at 5:10pm. flickr doesn't seem to be blocked, but so slow that can't actaually load pages.

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