Net Nanny Follies

Twitter is blocked

In another act of Net Nanny folly, has been blocked again on the Chinese mainland.

The same thing happened in the lead-up to the Tiananmen anniversary, but it was unblocked days later. Could this be a longer purge?

At first https and API access was still working, but it's not anymore.

Danwei itself remains blocked.

Update: As of July 8, Facebook is inaccessible on the mainland, too.

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Probably has something to do with trying to control news flowing out of the XUAR.

phone links and internet are down in Urumqi. I can't get through to either mobile or landline. but hey, twitter is down. how tragic.

Thanks, mike. We don't have anyone in Urumqi and are relying on the media reports that come out for our understanding of the situation. And of course commenters like yourself.

omg...the censors wanna block everything...

Any ideas why danwei attracted the net nanny's attention? You guys don't seem too subversive to me.

Facebook is now blocked.... Again. 7:38pm

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