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U.S. earthquake web page blocked?

According to the U.S. Geological Survey's earthquake website, there was a 4.6 magnitude earthquake in Sichuan yesterday at 5:26 pm.

The epicenter was near Mianyang.

You can visit the web page linked above, but for some reason, not the detailed map of the earthquake area: China's Net Nanny seems to be blocking that page.

In other earthquake news, The China Daily reports that the May 12 quake has "left 1.4 million farmers in about 4,000 remote villages in absolute poverty".

Thanks to William in Chengdu for the tip.

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Comments on U.S. earthquake web page blocked?

USGS was accessible in the aftermath of the Sichuan quake, then blocked soon afterwards.

Why would they block USGS? After all, the information on the USGS web site saying earthquakes are unpredictable helped China in quenching the rumors about deliberate cover-up of earthquake predictions.

What's strange is that they are only blocking one particular page: a map of the most recent quakes in the Sichuan region.

The part that rocked me was not the blockade--jeez maybe I am getting used to it--rather I am heartbroken by the 1.4 million figure...

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