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Wikipedia Chinese version unblocked

Most of Wikipedia was unblocked in April this year but the Chinese language sections of the website were not accessible.

The Chinese language version is also accessible in Beijing now. Perhaps this is part of the Olympic polishing project, or just the Net Nanny's nap time. Whatever the cause, it's good news.

Blogspot has also been accessible for most of the time since April.

Below is a chronology of recent blockings and unblockings of Wikipedia and Blogspot:

Wikipedia and Blogspot unblockdd April 1, 2008
Blogspot unblocked and blocked again January 14, 2008
Blogspot blocked again — ongoing saga June 1, 2007
Blogspot unblocked again March 29, 2007
Foreign blog providers (including Blogspot) blockedMarch 20, 2007
Blogspot working in Beijing again November 23, 2006
Blogspot blocked again October 27, 2006
Blogspot unblocked August 9, 2006

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Comments on Wikipedia Chinese version unblocked

I assume that Chinese articles about "sensitive" topics are blocked with an ol' connection reset error, as with the English Wikipedia.

It's still blocked here.

In Nanjing, it was still blocked

Shanghai CNC business connection, Chinese Wikipedia, Firefox:

Connection Interrupted

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection. Please try again.

i am happy too to hear this unblocked. so, the Chinese people will have a chance to learn more.

It's working here (in Beijing)! I'm looking at the screen and I can't believe it! My precious Wikipedia in Chinese without having to use a proxy! It's a miracle! Will it last more than a week? Impossible to tell in these times of troubled Olympics. 以奥运为主, as the folks around here keep on saying.

Does it mean that Beijing is becoming a haven of freedom, in the middle of our beloved feudal China?
In these troubled times, more than ever, we can only have a thought for our dear (foreign) friends who were forced to go back to their place of "permanent residence" (no matter how many years/decades they've been spending in China and where they consider to be their actual "permanent residence").
May you rest in peace (in your remote countries) where you are to stay (at least until the end of the Olympics), beloved friends and families. We miss you and think about you everyday.

Still blocked here.
Wuhan, CNC.

It's still blocked here.Facebook(IP: and SourceForge are also blocked too.
Guangzhou,China Telecom.

Just as this text spotted, it's a good news to Chinese people as a sign of prosessing freedom.

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