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Wikipedia unblocked

The English version of Wikipedia is accessible in China. The Chinese version at is still blocked.

Ash in Qingdao and Feng 37 in Guangzhou have confirmed that the 'unblock' is nationwide.

Below is a brief history of the ongoing saga of Wikipedia's availability in China as reported on Danwei:

Wikipedia blocked in China? June 10, 2004
Wikipedia unblocked June 26, 2004
The Nanny strikes again - Wikipedia blocked October 21, 2005
Wikipedia to be unblocked this week? October 25, 2005
Wikipedia unblocked, but is Nanny throttling Youtube uploads? October 12, 2006
Why did China unblock Wikipedia? November 15, 2006
The Nanny changes her mind: Wikipedia blocked again November 17, 2006 blocked unblocked in China May 28, 2007

Wikipedia's own account of its battle with the Net Nanny is here: Wikipedia blocked in China. If all of the above strikes you as ridiculous, don't forget to torture the Net Nanny voodoo doll.

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Comments on Wikipedia unblocked

I don't think so.
I am in a university campus and I failed to open page.

Temporary tech issue, I'll bet.

Unblocked in Shanghai (Wangtong) as well.

Hmm, seems that the entry for Tibet still has a block. No doubt there'll be other individual pages still locked down. This appeared to be the case when browsing the list of 'good articles' and clicking the links for the PRC, Scotland and Tibet; the former two worked, the latter gave the familiar server reset.

Unblocked here in Dalian too.

I noticed a few minutes ago and went searching for the news story - nothing on main google search yet, but this popped up on google blog search!


(from Guangzhou)


wuhan: unblocked

Doesn't seem to be working in Kunming...

It's probably worth mentioning that in addition to the English version, other languages like French, German and Japanese have also been unblocked. As far as I can tell, only Chinese is still filtered (at least on a China Netcom connection in Beijing).


I'm in guangzhou too,jesus,it doesn't work at all (at 19:00 PM)

I don't even bother any more. I've got all the proxy redirects and Firefox fixes, I can't be arsed to check and see if they don't work without them when they work just fine with them :-) And, lets be honest, it's just a matter of time before they switch the light for Wikipedia, or Blogspot, or CNN, or BBC, or YouTube...or your mom's web page about homemade pies.

True, humanaught, even weak proxies worked for Wikipedia, but not if the title contained diacritical marks - and that cut out access to a whole lot of content. I was going to give an example of this, but now I find that the problem doesn't exist anymore. Now that we don't need a proxy (presumably this is only a temporary reprieve) the proxies work fine for any entry.

excuse me but what's the problem if tibet pages aren't unbanned ?

are you so eager to read the usual anti-chinese propaganda, the dalai lama, etc ?

i can't really give a shit about wikipedia, it's full of shit in most of the cases, and the few times i tried to modify some ugly mistakes in their article somebody deleted my quick fixes after 5 minutes.

there are zealots there with really too much time in their hands.

i'm all with the government on the banning of wikipedia, flickr, and blogspot, if it was for me i've a long list of sites to be banned.

first of all i would ban, which it seems to be only meant to bash china and the chinese government.

btw, you can use Citizendium, it's a fork of Wikipedia so most of the articles are the same.

The China Daily seems more negative about China than Danwei today, is that on the list?

Chinadaily is OK.

but Danwei is quite disturbing, a perpetous rant and whining over china.

for Danwei it seems there's nothing china does good, and even if it's good Danwei will say it's "not good enough".

now, we've already 1000s of laowais bashing china for any possible reason, even the bread of Carrefour not tasting as their baguettes in Paris... i don't think we need something like Danwei, there's already all the other foreign newspapers if i want to read some china bashing, not to mention the sites linked to Danwei, the blogs, the forums, and the list goes on.

how come there are so few pro-china web sites ?

you're strongly encouraged to get back to country if you think this country stinks so much.

go in japan, go in australia, go in HK, go wherever you'll feel in a "civilized place"... what's the point in bashing beijing every day ?

see what happens in palestine and iraq .. and those are the guys ranting about human rights in china, fal-un G, Lamas, etc

I'm sorry you get that from Danwei man. This is a place for people to post opinions, does it really concern you that much? Also if the danwei editors has the right to post whatever story they feel like, it's their web site. If you don't like start you own.

I bash the U.S as much as I bash China. I tell it like I see it, what's wrong with that?

Actually you can bash me, I can simply choose to ignore it. It's the internet. In real life one would be more polite, so the internet is a perfect place to rant.

I think the beef people have here is with the retarded censorship. Censorship is stupid. They censor because they're all scared shitless. It's all a control thing.


BTW I know plenty of Beijingners who bash Beijing...

If the Chinese government does some really funny shit. Why can't we bash them?

[[joined multiple comments - JM]] didn't seem to work in Guangzhou, but did.

After incidents like those of the Anhui baby suppliment, the corpse bride arrests, forced abortions in China proper but especially in Tibet, Lancang dams screwing SE Asia, 75% of water unusable etc etc etc etc... Thinking China doesn't need intensive criticism can only be due to ignorance, western PC brainwashed upbringing, and because the reality is so shocking it's hard accept. At least 95% of foreigners here are misfit tefl-type trash too dumb to form independent intelligent opinions even after a few years here, sorry. 'PRC is the next super power' or 'Taiwan's the next SAR for sure'... ya, we'll see. Personally, I stay not because I respect the place but because it's not boring. for people who think China values anything but family, face & food I suggest, the authoritative book list in the back of Rough Guide China, & maybe, & Don't judge China as good or evil, right or wrong, but don't expect them to conform to your expectations of abstract values. They're too practical for that.

opinions: it seems they're all one-way opinions, as in the many other blogs about china.

danwei: they claim to be a media/culture magazine, all i see is china bashing, propaganda, gross exaggerations, lies, rumors, and crappy opinions they would never dare to say about their own countries.

take the owner for instance, a jew, why doesn't he say anything bad on israel? israel selling military technology to china for instance and making big deals with Hu Jintao last month, how come there's no word about it? maybe the usual double standard?

it seems to me you guys are all envious of what china is really about, not just a growing super power, but a 5000-years old civilization.

as a european i'm obviously in love with china as we euros have 5000 yrs of history as well.

by opposite, i might understand for yanks it's a bit difficult to see the whole picture, which is not the skyscrapers of PuDong or the "westernization" of china.

i have my fair amount of complaints too, don't worry, BUT nobody forces me to stay here. if this place one day becomes too shitty well i'll just leave and never look back, but i would hardly point my finger at the chinese government, we're guests here, not citizens, nor Han chinese, we don't belong to china, it's not our country.


i understand your points, but believe me, for many things it's better here in china than under the decadent western democracies and for me in some fields china is a MODEL.

to me, criticism is always welcome, but bashing is not criticism, is just laowais frustrated by the daily small annoyances, by the fact most of them aren't cut to travel in the first place, many others can't even spot Beijing on a map, some others expect to be the king of the hill just because they're laowai.

as far as i'm concerned there's too much tolerance in china toward foreigners, many of them should be definetely banned and deported with a kick in their yankee ass as it used to be in the good old days.

family: of course if you read that kind of medias you'll
end up thinking chinese would sell their own mothers for few RMBs. fact is, family is still a sacred thing in china.

the fact is good news never make the headlines.

and talking about censorship... why my post has been "held for moderation" ?

Danwei...pathetic !

RoughBJ: Our stated policy is to hold all comments for moderation, primarily as a way to guard against spam.

RoughBJ, why don't you start your own blog if you don't like other people's?
I really don't relate to your view that Danwei is negative about China. There are a lot of stories here that show Chinese people in a positive light.
Your last comment "good news never makes the headlines" could be applied to western journalists' writing about every country, including their own. 'The Guardian' is seldom postive about Britain, but of all the complaints people have of that paper, 'you shouldn't bash Britain' is rarely among them.
I'm not sure why you think Chinese people need protecting against what laowais write about them when 99.9% of Chinese people have never heard of Danwei and wouldn't give a fuck about what's on here. We are guests here, but quite frankly, the Chinese guests in my own country can think whatever the hell they want of it and complain all they like (and I've met quite a number who did).

that's a typical egalitarian viewpoint.

unfortunately UK is UK and china is china.
don't compare apples and oranges.

if here there are strict laws is for good reasons in case you haven't realized.

and i wanted to start a news site since looong time, hopefully it will be up and running in september.

besides, guardian apart, it's quite hard to find british medias talking good of france, germany, italy, russia, or whatever isn't british enough for them.

the fact The Sun is the second most read newspaper in UK says it all about what the brits really like to read while sitting in the toilet.

This is good we're having a discussion like this. Personally I just don't perceive Danwei the way you do. There are many positive articles about China along with the negatives. I don't even see them in that positive/negative light, they are what they are, stories that inform me about what's going on in China.

The really FUNNY thing is, the other day some dude here was complaining about how Danwei does nothing but bashes the West, how people on here are all leftists freaks. HAHA. That is funny.

"if here there are strict laws is for good reasons in case you haven't realized. [sic]"

Are you saying that Danwei is breaking Chinese law? How exactly -and why not let the Chinese Internet police decide that? Also what are the good reasons for censorship in China (I guess that's what you're talking about)?
I also think you should explain why China is such a special case: Why am I wrong to have my "typical egalitarian viewpoint" (which says that we should treat people and news from all countries equally)? --If you can't do this in a convincing way I don't have much hope
for your news site.

I know that the Sun is the most read paper in Britain, and I know a lot of people hate the Guardian, but when you ask them why, they don't usually say 'because it bashes Britain'.

it's good for me too to have this sort of discussion otherwise i wouldn't be here.

leftist freaks: it's not far from reality, as long as you're referring to what is called "leftist" in the west, which has nothing at all to do with real communism and socialism.

laws: no i'm not saying it, i was saying average chinese tend to be a bit more creative than other people when dealing with laws, therefore they need tougher laws.

censorship: it's not censorship, it's information managment. one thing is publishing news, another thing is slandering china for propaganda, political, or personal purposes.

china is not a hippy commune. it's a sovereign country.

publishing anti-government shit on a daily basis and filling any article with moronic personal comments is not information but pure and simple anti-chinese propaganda.

well, i guess the readers of Danwei are already anti-china by themselves but ... that's how i see it.

egalitarian: there's no equality in nature, we're not made equal. live with it.

Guardian: it's not a terrible newspaper, but frankly the Telegraph is the only decent one, too bad the brits seem to prefer trashy stuff like The Sun, Daily Mirror, and the rest of Murdoch's crap.

but it's undeniable british press strongly contribute in the foreign-bashing, which seems to be the national sport in UK.


chinese at least are pragmatic: they learn what they can from the foreigners without making too much noise about it.

the West is just disillusioned and frustrated that it can't be the king of the hill anymore, that it can't beat china, that the western society are more and more decadent and shrinking in size and power.

a healthy West wouldn't need propaganda at all. nor china-bashing.

i'm pragmatic and i try to see china as a place where
i can learn something, not just as "dictatorship" as you all do.

china is already a MODEL, and sooner than you expect
people will realize the centralized ruling model of China
is 10x times faster and more efficient than our ugly democracies where months are spent just to discuss about making a new road or painting an old building.

i'm of course stricly pro-chinese in case you haven't noticed. that's another reason for why i see with disdain stuff like DanWei.


You have perhaps not been reading Danwei very carefully: aside from the links in the top bar, the vast majority of our articles and posts are translated from mainstream media and blogs in Mainland China.

You may question our selection, but if we publish "anti-government shit on a daily basis" I am afraid you will have to blame the Chinese media, including state media and Chinese bloggers themselves.

interesting discussion indeed.
be objective and not partial is complicated sometimes, read news bashing china is so common, and i'm sure that all people who built up this website freak out for this reason.
at the same time i can see the point of RoughtBj, but dear roughtbj:
china has a MODEL...yes, but in the past, a long time ago, not now. sorry not now. this country is full of problems and contraddictions, how can it be a model? i'm not talking about tibet, taiwan and human right issues so easy to find in oversimplifided and silly articles, i'm talking about inner question, like education, health care, corruption, enormous disparity between regions and people (i could continue..)
so, if you are trying to point out that china has also got something good, well, i'm totally with you. but at the same time, please, avoid the nazionalist propaganda. the result is the same like easily bashing china: oversimplified.
china is complex, is not white and black, there are inside all the different shades of gray.
i think the content of the infortmation have to be built on a serious research, not on slogan, whether it's nationalist or anti-nationalist.

What IS anti-Chinese slander is your comment that was "average chinese tend to be a bit more creative than other people when dealing with laws, therefore they need tougher laws."
Can you give an example of something on Danwei that stereotypes Chinese people more crudely than that?

@jeremy :

yes, i question your selection since it's clearly based on the most juicy and anti-government news instead of making a good balance.

there's plenty of good news, but you obviously think they're less interesting than riots, killings, police beating students and so worth.

what a double standard.


@yilian :

you too, still coming out with the usual triad taiwan/tibet/tiananmen ...

did they teach you at school all this? have at least ever BEEN in tibet or taiwan?

yeah all this IS about nationalism. because china IS a nation. soverign, independent, and powerful.

you would certainly prefer puppet governments like Taiwan i suppose.

well, if it wasnt for Deng Xiaoping china would be already suffered a "color revolution" despite you may call that event in other terms.

that china is full of shit in many areas isn't a mistery not the govenment ever said otherwise.

hell, they even jailed lots of drug dealers, condamned to death corrupt officials, busted the slavery gangs o in Shaanxi, and don't tell me these are news that got covere up, they were all in the front pages.

NO other country so far witnessed a so fast and furious
development of this scale. mistakes have been made and mistakes WILL be made.

but this doesn't mean this is a living hell or a Gulag: you should thank the government if things are going overall smoothly despite the enormous issues the gov has to face in a 1.3 billion people country.

the alternative you propose would be something reminding of Russia under Eltsin, the holigarcs, foreigners buying out every resources. go in russia and see what happened in those years. no wonder they see Putin is seen as the saviour.


@odadrek :

the ugly truth. could you say otherwise? you must be new here in china.


have you read my post? it seems not.
your replay has no connection with what i wrote.
sad if we are talking by ourself.

no, that's not at all the truth. Violent crime rates are lower here than in most western cities. As for corruption and corporate crime, China's pretty much the same as any developing nation. You stereotype Chinese people as more criminal than people of other nations, and then you lecture Danwei about bashing China!?
Part of me suspects you are just taking the piss here. If so, it's quite convincing, but this kind of ironic humour does appeal to me, so let us know when you start your comedy site.

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