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Will porn get Baidu Japan blocked in China?

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Chinese search engine Baidu has a Japanese version at The below is excerpted from a promising new English-language blog written by a Chinese guy, Ya I yee:
Baidu Japan's Porn Images

Baidu, the leading search engine in China, recently launched its Japanese search engine. you saw the title, some Chinese male bloggers have noticed that it's quite convenience to use the Japanese search engine to find something that could be found easily on other search engine - a scale of porn images, like this link and this (Warning: DO NOT click them if you are under 18).

According to the theory of Chinese Government, dirty images are not permitted and any foreign websites who provide porn pictures should be censored. So I'm wondering if the Baidu Japan will be blocked one day?

And then there's this: Keso, king of China's IT bloggers, recently posted the following information: users come from these countries:

China 55.9%
Japan 38.4%
Hong Kong 1.4%
United States 1.4%
United Kingdom 0.7%

The reason Baidu Japan has so many Chinese users can only be that they're looking for stuff they can't find on Baidu's Chinese site.

So it is quite possible that Baidu Japan will get blocked in China, an indignity that Baidu will have to just put up with, or risk alienating their Japanese users by censoring the Japanese results in the same way as the Chinese results.

Which should cause howls of laughter and schadenfreude at Google and other foreign Internet companies in China.

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Comments on Will porn get Baidu Japan blocked in China?

How about this? is so naughty

EDITORS NOTE (JG): Use this link if you're in China

Really I wonder if it is possible to subvert Chinese censorship and develop some sort of Chinese pornotube.

How much effort do typical Chinese web surfers spend on finding quality porn?

I wonder.

Surely someone somewhere can generate a research grant out of this...

EDITOR'S NOTE (JG): Comment edited for relevance

Thanks for gratuitous naked women pics. As if I don't get enough of them on massage fliers stuck in my apartment door every day.

Woah! And this too in a country which was bent on banning Google for its "foreignism" and porn.

Interesting... Have the Chinese authorities seen this yet? Like you said, it might be interesting to see how they react to this ;)

The international exposure generated by being discussed on Danwei may, just may, be the straw that breaks the camel's back! My bet is that Baidu Japan ends up getting blocked. Or something happens about it at least.

I wonder how much effort it would take the web architects at Baidu in china and japan to build a little "go around" link that sneaks users through the great moralitywall so 1.3 billion people can enjoy japanese porn as much as the rest of the world.

some Chinese male bloggers have noticed that it's quite convenience to use the Japanese search engine
Look what happens when you type with one hand Jeremy.

Oops, take that back, it was a quote. That's what I get for reading with one eye.

why are you posting porn on danwei? i am disappointed that a site i respect so much and visit so often would post these photos. i am not anti-porn but i would prefer to choose when i look at pictures of naked people. more dispiriting is that i think you posted these images to drive traffic to your site. how incredibly lame. danwei, dig deeper, be more creative.

Since when is it hard to find porn in China?
What's the problem with or

Maybe is censored, but it's the only one.

"Since when is it hard to find porn in China?"
Yeah, really, porn and many other "forbidden" contents are actually everywhere on China. For example, this site.

While I'm not sure where it is hosted, but based on its contents, the target audience is definitely mainland Chinese.

Some of the banned or cencored sites, porn or otherwise, get high profile media coverage, but others do slip through. Last time I was in Beijing (early 2006), I found that while the BBC news site was definitely blocked, but I could access no problem.
In any case, I say we should fight pron censorship no matter where it is. Plenty of people here in the US want to wipe out adult websites, too. Bet they would love China for this issue.

George, that link of yours isn't accessible in Beijing...

Oh, I haven't tried to check it in Beijing. It has pages containing discussions of brothel visits in various Chinese cities, including Beijing, that are so detailed that they seem genuine. I could be wrong, though.

Not available in Shenzhen or Guangzhou, either.

I'm a Chinese,it's easy to buy porn rather than make effort to search websites.

Dont forget there so many Chinese people living in Japan. After all, sex and porn is always a good thing to make user the switch easier. Japanese male are considered as the naughties people on this planet. They will for sure check it out and if they find what they want they stay!

I find it hilarious that the Chinese Cadres and government officers who pretend to be noble and caring about the morality of their nationals are themselves the biggest customers or market segment of the millions of Saunas and health Spas all over China filler with prostitutes ready to give you anything they want. Everyday we can find these baths filled with government cars in the parking lots, and fat pot bellied government officials bust getting waxed off in the private rooms. These girls dare not run away for fear of reprisals from the lack of protection from these double stards hyprocites who go around taking pron off the net, and yet pay for it in the baths.

WOW I didnt now that that website is so naughty

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