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Wordpress blog host unblocked

China's Net Nanny seems to have unblocked the Wordpress blog hosting service which has been inaccessible since February 2006.

Weifang Radish is the only China-related blog hosted on Wordpress that your correspondent knows of, but feel free to add others in the comments section.

Naturally, the unblocking could just be a mistake, a side-effect of Nanny accidentally doubling her dose of meds. Have a look at Danwei's Net Nanny Follies channel for more on the crazy old gal's recent activities.

UPDATE: False alarm: Wordpress seems to be blocked again (July 3).

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Comments on Wordpress blog host unblocked

While still seems to be blocked, is not blocked anymore. I noticed this a few days ago. Why is no one reporting on it? Or is this old news?


[See here - JM]

Kevin's Blog is back in cyber-jail....Wordpress was available here for a few days and now....

Wiki and Technorati are hanging strong and still unblocked here in GZ....


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