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Youtube accessible again - now has 'country preferences'

Update 3 (2009.03.30):

March 30 Monday morning at 8am, Youtube is not loading in Beijing, but is is not returning the 'connection reset' message typical of most blocks.

Blocked since March 24, Youtube became accessible in Beijing again this afternoon.


From comments to this post and the previous one about the block, it seems that Youtube is still not working in Shanghai although it is accessible in nearby Nanjing.

Update 2:

Youtube now asks you to set up a country preference when you access it, directing Chinese IP addresses to a Chinese language page.

When using proxy servers abroad, Youtube directed my browser to the country in which the proxy server was located.

For the latest status of Youtube, please see the Net Nanny Follies category.

There are currently 33 Comments for Youtube accessible again - now has 'country preferences'.

Comments on Youtube accessible again - now has 'country preferences'

Not the case in Shanghai (6:30 PM). Sigh...

nooo come on shanghai!

Wuhan is still out too.

No Youtube in Shenzhen too

youtube available in beijing now.

not the casse in Wuhan

It's OK in Guangxi

still out in Beijing

Was working in Zhengzhou earlier today, but has since stopped again.

no youtube in zhengzhou(henan)too

Country preferences are no big thing - YouTube addresses me in German if I'm coming from a German IP address, etc. It's been doing this for some time. Don't think it's anything to do with accessibility from China.

not working in zhuh4i

I can get to, and embedded videos load, but still times out...

Working in Beijing, AND able to watch T-B gov video without problem...

available in kunming, yunnan at 9AM 3/28

working in Chongqing all day Fri.


Still can't access it from Dalian

It also have something to do with ISP, they don't apply or remove a ban at the same time...

China Telecom, SZ, no go.

nothing unusual here

I can access it but all my uploads are failing....anyone experiencing the same problem?

Was working all day yesterday in Chengdu, but this morning it is off again - nothing accessable; site, embeds and uploads.

Blocked, unblocked, blocked, unblocked, and now blocked again here in Tangshan.

Not only is Youtube not working in Chengdu but accessing Yahoo and Google is taking forever.

No fun when, like me, you are a web designer and your livelihood depends on it.


Blocked in Jinan again. Blank screen.

Embeds are squeaking through here in Shanghai, noticeably slow. Actual youtube sites are still down. 3:30, 3/30. (..woah.)

This has proven to be a FUBAR move, China's blocking made these videos well-known to domestic audiences, and right now everyone is crying for a download link.

So much for the "decision makers", they apparently hasn't learnt any-fucking-thing from last year, proving with evidences is much more effective than outright blocking, which made rumors explode and the government less credible (not like they were credible in the first place).

I'd grab some popcorn and cold-beer to watch how they respond, and not responding will mean these videos are indeed real. Dilemma.

I couldn't agree more, Peter (above)

no youtube in Shanghai now ..

When is it coming back?!?!?!?!?

hoping so much that youtube will be allowed again...still not working here in shenzhen...

Jeez the bloody thing still isn't working here in Dalian

I'm a foreigner in China and I says China DSL sucks.

Not only it's slow, but it's blocking most of the websites I've been visiting frequently outside of China. I'm not political minded and I never read political news. I don't go to YouTube because I want to watch some news about China's communist activity. So why not block just the keywords related to politics.

Concealing information only make the people more curious.

It sucks.

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