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Youtube blocked in China

Youtube appears to blocked in Mainland China by the evil Net Nanny.

Is it because of the 17th Communist Party Congress currently going on in Beijing?

The 17th Communist Party Congress is abbreviated to 十七大 (shiqi da) or '17 big' in Chinese. Mainland Chinese soft porn website and overseas-hosted hard porn link site seem to be open for business.

Update: Marc van der Chijs points out the most likely explanation: Youtube just launched Chinese language versions of the website for Hong Kong and Taiwan.

For the latest status of Youtube, please see the Net Nanny Follies category.

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Comments on Youtube blocked in China

YEAH I can't watch youtube either in shanghai! I'm so f**ing sick and tired of their blocking sh*t, why don't they just break balls to there own citizens instead of BOTHERING the hell out of me?! I NEED YOUTUBE!

No doubt.

I wonder whether YouTube and/or Feedburner (well, not all of Feedburner, but a significant part of it's click tracking functionality) will be unblocked after the Peoples' Congress?

Blocks in the interest of social harmony or shrouded competitor advantage? At least these movies and TV series don't get blocked, despite them being in flagrant violation of China's commitment to copyright protection: China's Stolen Media.

Well, to be honest today everything is not working properly.. Not only youtube stopped working an hour ago, but also the myspace and yahoo page are acting weird, wherever I click it redirects me to that lame baidu error page.. Maybe there only facing techical problems and after a few hours it will get back to normal, it happened before

No, it's definitely blocked. Hoorah to the Party Congress, thanks for restoring harmony to my otherwise chaotic world.

Yes, I'm confused about the myspace... This site being blocked is not likely since it is owned by FOX and Rupert Murdoch, but I am upset no less, as logging in is part of my daily routine. Those gremlins!

Not only Youtube is blocked, but many websites with rss or feeds in its URL are hardly to access now, it seems the previous report on feed block is right.

Furthermore, many foreign website encountered problems in redirecting to a Baidu error page in last night. Is it a test for a more powerful firewall feature?

Tudou board member Marc van der Chijs has some analysis of the block:

So now I can write a post on Blogspot to complain about the Youtube block? I just can't keep up any more.

Tangos, i'm pretty sure its only temporary.. I mean, they can't just block youtube (the most viewed site in the world) and have us HACKED and hijacked to baidu.. Imagine the bad international publicity..
If they seriously did that, by now it would have been on news. I'm sure it'll be back. Anyway, they don't fool me, I still use youtube through proxies.. LIKE HELL imma paying for my internet connection and having to deal with this crap. I mean, if they will start to pay for my connection then I might consider, but not untill then.

Massive DNS hijacking made most Chinese DNS servers redirect Yahoo search and MSN serach to baidu.
Youtube "shielded" by blocking IP and blocking keyword in HTTP requests.
Greetings from China.

Alex, that website about China's stolen media probably is 3 years old.. You can find up to the Simpsons 16th season already.. LOL It's not even out in the USA yet.. SouthPark, same thing. We get here what they wont get after months now.. I watched the simpsons movie in dvd even before it was out in theaters WAY TO BLOCK SITES

Indeed, YouTube has been unavailable here since last night (Weds 17th) and RSS (well, mainly Feedburner) seems to be a new target too. And yet Blogspot is back, meaning that my own blog is (temporarily) back in from the cold. I never expected logic or reason, but it seems to be getting more and more random.

The yahoo redirect to Baidu is pissing me off. Next time China talks about another country making things hard for Chinese products, please remember to laugh because it doesn't get anymore blatant than this. (besides the censorship element as well)

Yet another MII investment scam. They copy US websites then block the original or make it hard to access for a few months until people give up and use the Chinese one, thus making advertising revenues.

Exactly the same thing happened in the past to:
many many others
and now youtube.

Every single big site that has been blocked has a Chinese copy of that site with government kickbacks or investment. Coincidence!?

This is going to get ugly.. I WANT YOUTUBE BACK and they can take that BAIDU crap and stick it up there arse! Took me 6 f'n month to get my vlog on Youtube and now I can't acess to it because of WHAT?!

if i want to use gmail and wiki, i must pretend that i am not chinese or at least i am not from china, f**c, what is this socity?

I think the chinese government doesn't want any outspoken people to be aired in Youtube.

But this is stolen cookies compared to shit Malaysia keeps pulling off...

So where do I get my fair share of BBC sitcom laughs now? Good thing I've got copies on my Mac...

this is crappp!!!!!!!! they unbannned blogspot and banned youtube. C'mon get a life

Regardless if we complain or not, youtube will remain blocked till the "undesired content" is removed. That's china's government's way of keeping the chinese people "safe" and innocent, so they could further brainwash them with the propaganda.
Anyway to get around it just get TOR and Firefox with TOR button. The easiest solution to bypassing the "Great Firewall of China", though it can be slow at times.

Chris, how does this TOR thing work? I downloaded Forefox + the TOR add on. Now I get a message that when the TOR's on, I can't surf the web because "The proxy server is refusing connections". How would you suggest me to configure this?

They can kiss my ass. I still use youtube through proxies. I didn't care when they banned flicker, but when they block youtube they totally stepped on my toes. LOLOL I can see tons of porn sites with my connection but youtube is blocked? Buffoons, get a friggin life.

blocked for me in beijing. what about myspace? it's not working anymore for me either!!! blogger still seems to be working though.

Hey guys, there is actually a nice little software (developed by a U.S. company) that makes getting around the GFW a cinch. It's far more effective and stabler than craps like TOR, and it has a English interface. You can't download the program from inside China, but drop me an email address and I'll send you one.

Caveat: if you use antivirus softwares developed by Chinese companies, the program will be identified as a virus, when in fact it is not.

Anibal, you should get the TOR & Vidalia bundle installed for the TOR Button to work. It's a separate package.
Anyway if you still can't get it to work, I wrote a short How-to with all the links to the required software, you can check it out here:
Or you can just click on my user name.

Hey Peter,

Im definitely down for receiving an email:

harmony_n_j AT hotmail DOT com

ps. lol, I dont even know what GFW stands for..but I'll post feedback once I get it up and running on my computer!

Freewebs has been down for months too.

My water has been turned off for a couple of days, perhaps this is also related to the congress?

hi peter, could you pleaae email the packaage too? myemail is You will make my life so much easier. Thank you so much

Hey guys, I got youtube running thanks to Peter's help. The man is a LEGEND!!!

this time they totally pissed me off,youtube was my favorate website
fuck the GFW,some people told me that i can use TOR to bypass the GFW,i tried and it indeed works,now i can get free access to various website banned by chinese censorship department such as BBC's homepage ,wikipedia but it also made the speed ridiculously slow,and it seems i can't watch those youtube videos even though i can now access their site
peter you mentioned a software that can easily bypass the GFW thing,i really want one can you please send me one via email?
here's my email adress
it's a china-based email site and i wonder if the email contains such software will be censored just like everything else

pretty much all the sites i read (past tense) on a daily basis have become blocked: xanga, flickr, blogspot, wikipedia, youtube, etc. whats next, facebook?! this makes me sick. its not like the chinese masses are exposed in any great extent to these websites.

I hate that!!! Why doesnt my YouTube works??? I tried since about 5 days... It just need always so much time to get in the server... and suddenly they dont show the page... I thought my Firewall banned YouTube... But all another pages works... Just YouTube dont... Can someone helps me or tell whats really happend now? Is that really because that 17th big or what its is??? I need YouTube!!! T_T ... I am still online but i cant go to that site!!! LOL!!! XD ...

Peter, plz send me a note with the software. Would really appreciate that....thanks in advance.



PS: am assuming it will work with Mac???? Firefox????

oh,it's terrible!Youtube is very useful in my work.I am missing it now.I don't want to talk about politics.For me it's just one terribe thing.

adam if it indeed works with mac will you please let me know ? im also in need of it =( thanks in advance !

It's blocked in Wuhan. I’m absolutely infuriated, because I have a background in the music industry and youtube was the only way I could keep up to date with current videos. I can’t possibly express how angry I am at how pathetically condescending and insulting this is (especially since wikipedia has also been inaccessible since I got here). If this doesn't change soon, I’ll be leaving China at the earliest possible opportunity.

Peter - would also really appreciate any help. My email address is

Many thanks indeed!

Yeah Ashley. It's an outrage. So this is how China expects to do business? By blocking NORMAL websites like Youtube?

Can you send me the thing which allows me to access to Youtube?
My e-mail is

Hi Peter, please email me as well!

Thanks so much!!

Yeah, I seriously need help too. Anonymouse doesn't work and that's what i usually use when crap like this happens. my email is

Hey, I'd really appreciate that package. my email is

Chris, I did what you said and it totally works. Thank you so much!!

dammit i hate it how they blocked youtube. i really liked youtube!!! why did they f**king block it??????!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?????!?!!
damn those looneys!!! has those chinese dudes thought about what foreigners (like me) might say? they would say "F**k you we want youtube, so unblock it!!!" or "他妈的!干吗呀,没事干就做让人不高兴的事!!!实在是有点白痴。”

Hey,peter,would you mind forwarding that mail if thats ok.
Mine is
Thank you for your help.
I hate GFW.
Peter,please forward this letter if its ok.
Thanks a million.
I hate GTW.

I don't usually give in to this kind of thing, but if people know how to get around this stupid bit of massively uneducated censorship, email me

Hi Jean, unfortunately the program won't work with Mac, but there are a couple of web proxies out there that might be useful. My recommendation is:

A tip on using the program: Normally the speed is very fast, and one can watch Youtube without any interruption. But the speed tends to slow down IF your internet use has been inactive for more than (something like) 15 minutes. If that happens, just quit the program and restart it. Then speed will return to normal.

Maybe people should rethink moving and doing business in China. The Communist Party of Fools thinks they can regulate and license creativity and innovation. I say let the fools try.

As for YouTube or YouPorn for that matter, just use TOR or JAP. Fuck their Party!!!

Hi Peter.. I've realized youtube through the proxies I use won't let me upload videos. I would like to try your program, my email is, thanks in advance.
And Phobe is right, there all posers.

Down in Suzhou.

Follow ALL instructions on this website and you can get around any blocked site:

can i also get the program :)

Peter, I'd appreciate the program as well,
Thanks a lot

Dear Peter I would also want your program, thank you very much.

Peter: Can I get that too, please? Thanks a bunch!

Thanks to Chris I can watch youtube video's !!!
Just follow the instructions on his site:

And indeed, it is a bit slower, but it works!

Cheers! :D

WOW That Chris is a genious! It totally works and it's not even that slow to me! Next time China tries to block you from Youtube, get back in it and play them this song
LOLOL tube it, tube it!

hey peter,

could you please send me the software?? i'm seriously annoyed that youtube has been blocked

hi peter, can u plz send me mail

my mail is

hey.... would you make my day and email me the software? does it work with mac os x? hope so.... thanx!

I need that program Peter! pLeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese~~~~~

yes some very useful info here. can not believe they block You Tube. Such a petty group of corrupt motherfu**kers in china.

Wow, looks like everyone's turned to you for help, Peter. Including me. =] Please and thank you!

Cheers mate.

Peter, me too? eksoria at gmail dot com?

Peter, I need your help too!!
please, send me the program++

Please send me the software too peter or anyone else who has a copy. reece2076 at

peter plz mee too. my email is

Wow, quick reply, Peter. Thanks..

Hi Peter,
Thanks for your support.

Fight for stupidity

I'm in Tianjin and my youtube is sadly blocked, which, when you're in a dead area like Dagang District, really, truly sucks (for lack of a better word).

My Livejournal has also been blocked since I arrived which makes it hard to stay connected to my friends back home.

Add that to the fact that I habitually visit wikipedia, and BBC news for news from my home, and you end up with one frustrated foreign worker.

This blocking, it's truly pathetic.

Maybe we need to upload a flood of "sensitive" content to Tudou, see how they like that.

Yeah, this whole Youtube blocking thing really sucks. Would really appreciate any help gettin around it.

Peter can you send me the software and info please? Thanks.
My email is

hey peter, could you send me the software please? Thank you in advance.

My email is:

Yeah Peter's software is way faster than Tor, I've uploaded the file on my site:

[edited to remove the software's name. That stuff gets the page filtered, guys. -JM]

The Behind the GFW blog has just mentioned that what Peter is distributing is [the software's name] which is developed by [that banned organization]. It was introduced to me last year ago as such along with a warning of the possibility that using it could attract unwanted attention. I didn't wait to find out, but if this is just a rumor, it's been further perpetuated as recently as two weeks ago. Hope you all have got your internet accounts registered in your own names!

im another victim..
peter could you send it to me as well many thanks:}

Is youtube back in the PRC?

Cause it's working for me with the hotspot shield... cool Software!

oh by the way... 你们妈妈十七大!

Thanks to "those parties" for their help with "that software". I wondered what had happened to that bit of code; I tried it out many years ago when I first came to China but didn't find it so effective as another small piece of code also based out of the US (that program's initials are the same as said country). I lost track of that one as well, so great to have one of them back for those warranted occasions.

Wow, I think I just set a record for demonstratives in one paragraph.

yo Peter,
mind if u send me that program as well?
I'm desperate

Hi Peter,
Please do send me an email of that software too.thanks

Regarding Peter's program..

Can someone who has received the program please post a name or hint about the program so that we can find it ourselves?
In giving Peter an email address, there is no selectiveness in who he replies to anyway, so it's not exactly keeping things under wraps. Why should we place trust this Peter guy and his exe's?

Hi, Blocked here in Yuncheng too! For those who are saying tey miss their English sitcoms programs go to for all english and American tv shows, all series and also movies animie too!!!!

I can's believe it! They have no right to block sites such as youtube one of the world's most popular sites! A government like this does not deserve to host Olympic games and certainly should never emerge to become a superpower! They have too many problems in their country which they refuse to address. They are closing themselves in from the world into a 'cultural revolution' of giggling imbeciles who think that karaoke is the pinnacle of civilization.


If you tried to ftp some files to your website, which didn't listed in chinese network association.

within half month the website will be blocked.

No matter where you registed your domain or your hosting, If you want to use ftp protocol in China, you need to regist in Chinese network association otherwise they will block your website for sure. above all apply to foreigners too.

I hate youtube being blocked. I made a lot of friends in youtube. now i can't watch their new vids.

Down in Beijing too.
Fortunately, I'm staying here for 10 days only.
It is, indeed sick from them.

Hi Peter. This is Cyrus. Would appreciate if you could send me the program via e-mail to

thanks a lot, man.




i m in Beijing too.
plz send me one. Thank you very much!
hsp150 at gmail dot com

Hey, here Beijing...

Youtube is back here!
(I wonder for how long though)

If you want to browse freely from China on any website with any content, let me know... adifromusa @ gmail dot com

Youtube is so deserved to be blocked in the mainland China, for it uses taiwanese flag as Chinese national flag on its Chinese website. Shame on it!


Youtube is back on china telecom. At this point I start to doubt it was a case of censorship but more of a techincal problem. It would have been back much later than this if censorship was the issue.

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