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Youtube blocked again in China seems to be blocked, again, by China's Net Nanny.

More reports on (vile name for a website, interesting concept).

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Yes, it went down at 21:00 last night (Monday). I was in the midddle of using it when it suddenly disappeared.

ho hum, blocked, unblocked, blocked again, like a damn circus with too many clowns.

Blocked again in Tangshan as of 8:30 AM.

Is this possibly because the US Navy posted videos of Chinese harassment in the South China Sea?

Blocked and Unblocked,what hell is going on?

I climbed over the wall and didn't find anything subversive, the hell is going on?

Probably has something to do with this: link

doubt it, those are pretty boring video and there are way more sh!t on youtube that offend those in power in China. then again, there isn't a FQ flame war on those video like any china related video on youtube.

That harassment was terribly weak. Whatever happened to the "fishing boats came terribly close" and "tension was running high..." :(

Tried whole day, youtube isn't working in Beijing. So sad, youtube was like a part of life

why don't they just blog the whole country just like their best friend-North Korea

i am so pissed to find out china blocks youtube. i need youtube along with many others here in shanghai. china doesn't have to be so super sensitive about their image on the site. c'mon every country in the world have many videos that makes them look bad but they didn't have to block it.

Damn.With Blocking,I can still scan it through the proxy.Blocking doesn't even count!They look so stupid!

BBC reports that YouTube has been blocked because it shows video of PLA soldiers beating monks and other Tibetans. Read for yourself at link

In the article, a spokesperson for China's Foreign Ministry, while refusing to confirm that YouTube has indeed been blocked, is quoted as saying, "China is not afraid of the internet."

Here we go. Here's a story about the video that's keeping YouTube from us in China. link

some reports suggest that the block may be linked to a recent uploading of videos showing police action taken this month against monks out west.

why block mah youtubes China? Not impressed mate.

The videos are going to stay on Youtube for a very long time, so are they going to block it for the entire period???? That soulds fcuking messed up, I have a lot friends who probably can't live without Youtube, I suppose suicide rate is ramping up.

I believe it's about this video: link

Sigh... No surprise again, really.
There's a lot of embedded video content (non-YouTube) on many 'harmless' sites I'm also unable to access now.
Looks like it's time to get that VPN after all.

The thing I wonder is who benefits directly if the Youtube website is blocked? I think the answer is, the Chinese competitor which has a lot of the same videos anyway, and if you can read Chinese a lot of them load more quickly. Wonder if the founder of Youku (who is President of Sohu) has any influence on official ears. Maybe that's too much conspiracy theory, but it would be interesting to know how much Youku's site traffic rate increases in the few days Youtube is down (they won't close it down for more than few days surely?).
On the Tibetan stuff, I would have thought that central memos had been sent advising police to lay off the heavy stuff as it doesnt look good, but suppose always get a few rookies who havent fully understood the orders from Beijing. I recently had interesting mainland Chinese radio news article to translate, which quoted “the first two foreign reporters to see the Tibet riots" from Die Zeit in Germany and BBC I think, who said their first published reports focussed quite a lot on the violent protests on the Tibetan side (not condoning violence on either side, but always feel Tibet is kept as some artificial Shangri La idealised image, something many people have wistful need to believe in, whereas up to the early 20th century Chinese do have a faintly reasonable point at least that life was appalling for most of the population, plus Dalai Lama did have record of clamping down on freedom of speech of rival Buddhist sect in Tibet).

So much rubbish talked about Tibet on both sides I think, find it hard to picture their true mentality at all. There may be many native Tibetans who are reasonably content to live there now under Han Chinese rule actually, I never saw a Western news report which seemed to make a real attempt to investigate if this is true or not. Many of us perhaps have this image that Muslim states are oppressive if they tell their whole population they must be Muslim, but why is it so wonderful if everyone is Buddhist, just as it feels bit creepy in a place and time where everyone tells you how much they love Chairman Mao, equally creepy if everyone you meet says they worship the Dalai Lama (and this was surely the case before the Chinese came in as well as times after). Living God on one side, selfish dictator on the other, I think the real Dalai Lama is a politician and human being somewhere between.

Other thing about cultural dissolution of Tibet is, apart from yak products, chanting, nice looking monasteries and wall paintings, what else is there in Tibetan culture? They didn't create the scenery themselves. These things are still there and wooden monasteries never last that long anyway, there used to be thousands more monks for sure, but then who supported those monks if they never did any real work? They already have a country where difficult to grow food in the first place at 3000m above sea level, then if all the eldest sons are doing throat exercises all day in the monastery, how much more back breaking work do the farmers have to do?

Tibet is a strong issue which is lazily reported by Western media I feel, which makes Chinese even more sensitive to any criticism. Perhaps a few local Chinese police exceeded their brief, the government's knee-jerk reaction is to deny the whole incident, because they think the Western media will always portray it as a typical example of how Chinese police reacting all the time and such a video subliminally reinforces any feeling that Chinese are a more cruel people. On the other hand, for sure Western reporters in Tibet look for exactly this kind of incident, which will sell for the highest price of course.

Just wonder if there was a little more balance, perhaps the Chinese might back down a bit too. Eg the riots I think a lot of people dont really realise there were severely violent actions by some Tibetans which any government would have made some effort to damp down, and as I understand the severe Chinese crackdown began after these began.

Sorry Will, too much conspiracy theory, too little substance. link

Today China gave a comment to the video: it's all a lie and all is fabricated.

Pathetic, how they are unwilling to clean out their own people. In the US there is at least an public outcry when some people get roughed up by the cops.

Will, it has nothing to do with history. Police should use force only in self defense. Period.

It's back, folks

Yep! It's back in Nanjing.

anybody else still not have access?? i don't have access in shandong province, although i had it for a few minutes last night. it's been blocked again.

Thank you, NetNanny, for restoring my privileges!

It's back to business on Monday morning for NetNanny - YouTube is blocked again :-(

blocked again in beijing, 30/3 at 13:07.

Use a works!

can you recommend a proxy that will allow enough bandwidth for youtube?

Still blocked in Chengdu - I really miss youtube!

Still blocked in Guangzhou yesterday, blocked in Panyu today.

What's the record so far, two weeks in October '07? This is getting insufferably ridiculous.

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