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Dating 101: change majors?

Man meets woman at Beijing's 8-Minute Dating club (photo courtesy of the club, 2004)

Ralph Jennings is a journalist and long time resident of China. He currently lives in Taipei. From mid-2000 to 2006, he had an advice column in the 21st Century weekly newspaper in which he answered letters from thousands of students and young professionals. Below is a letter from the archive, with an introduction by Jennings.

Meeting members of the opposite sex of course doesn't just challenge the youth of China. But a bouquet of social pressures that start from childhood nip off most of the nation's female-initiated romances before they bud: you're too young for a boyfriend (mom talking), we sent you to college for education not messing around (parents talking), women appear too "easy" if they make a move (society talking) and you're not good enough for the rich, handsome, charismatic guy who everyone else has eyes on (society again). Demoralising? Ask Judy.

Student letters to a foreign agony uncle

Dear Ralph,

I've been living for 22 years. I have experienced and learned a lot. Now I'm a junior in college. I'm happy and I love my life and everything around me. But there is still one thing I don't understand. I never think of myself as introverted. I'm always willing to help others at any time. I have many female friends who get well along with me. They say I'm kind and humorous. But it is unbelievable that I have not even one male friend. Worse, I'm afraid of talking with male students in class. Sometimes boys do talk to me, but our conversations are always so formal and stiff that I can hardly stand it. I don't know how to communicate with boys. What should I do?

Judy, September 2009

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China Business News launched
Fucking gangster newspapers, Jimmy Lai and other China media follies
China Daily editorial: US Election could mark better ties
China's newspaper circulation rising
Bill Clinton's fake Life, New York Times' fake Beijing
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Dongfang Zaobao's exclusive interview, plagiarized from Interfax
A clamor of voices on Chinese football
The People's Daily: State-owned enterprises suck
Deaths in the news today
Zhengzhou man tried to name his son '@'
One Chinese hostage killed, one freed in Pak
"China strongly condemns Chen Shui-bian's fake words"
Mobile phone probe dog
The richest man in China, Kofi Annan, and French aerobatics
Zhou Guozhi and Jean-Michel Jarre
Zhengyang Gate wears the Tricoloeur
France is hot in China
Foggy days and Sino-French relationship
It is time for shopping!
Tigers come to Beijing for festivals
One Communist Party document and two sports stars
Countdown clock for Beijing Olympic Games
Praise for and by Hu and Jiang
A Red Day
I hotly love you Beijing Tiananmen
Batman in Buckingham Palace
Clamping down on travel agency contracts
New regulations for senior managers of state-owned companies
Bomb In Jakarta
New regulations on CPC's personnel system
Calling for expatriate blood
CPC's Conference
Olympic gold medalists and fake famous brands
Porn webmasters can get life sentences
Three meetings in the People's Daily
Let's talk some non-Olympic topic today
Five circle flag comes to Beijing; new police car livery
Economical Olympic Games
Five circle flag passed to Beijing
Invest in North Korea!
The source of Beijing's sand storms
Planes crash in Russia
Return to the people's livelihood
Yao Ming can shave his beard now
Deng Xiaoping, tennis and Chinese Valentine's Day
Xiaoping Xiaoping Xiaoping
The PLA Daily in English
Big Eyes sells newspapers
The Return of Yao Ming
Olympics, Olympics, Olympics
Typhoon Rananim and Beijing Olympic Games Construction
Earthquake in Yunnan
Exhibition of 100 Anniversary of Deng Xiaoping's Birth
Flags going up; Yao Ming carrying them
Go to Athens
San Francisco newspaper wars
Sex education in kindergarten; rebellious parents
Southern loving: the rise and fall of an independent media entity
Heavy rains; new one yuan note
China's soccer team: injured!
China Youth Daily
Disturbed driver and injured traffic cop
Tom on the Mainland media march
"I was joking and did not want to hijack the airplane"
soccer and satellite
The 9/11 commission report and Beijing's surface subsidence
A beauty pageant for plastic surgery babes
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Chinese Olympic delegation
Beijing Youth Daily to IPO?
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Ma Jiajue executed
Parking in residential area, wedding at the forbidden city
Xi Bai Po spirit
Terrorists kill Chinese workers in Afghanistan
The flame that won't go out
Extra! Extra! Foreigner washes a car
Olympic torch and college entrance exams
East Weekend pulls a Janet Jackson on Shanghai
College entrance examinations, D-day and Reagan
Steamy sporting summer
A lot about water prices
Miss Plastic Surgery?
Hu and science, 98 gasoline, Koolaid
Transsexual babe does not want to be China's Harisu
Britney's breasts banned in China?
Corruption, water prices, regret for arson
Some respect for migrants
You can't blame da youth of today
Traffic fines, plastic surgery babe rejects beauty pageant's offer
Police crimes, watermelon king
Tigers; WWII laborers lose in Japanese courts
China Daily gives Danwei a welcome back present
Beijing passenger killed in Paris airport roof collapse
Diaoyu Island
Fingerprints, beautiful women, viewing podiums - it's all bad
Yassin all over
All citizens to supervise rude walking behavior
Interesting times: Breaking the thousand-year silence of this ancient capital
Poisoned children and the slow bus to Chaoyang
Private property, murderers, gambling software, naval exercises, human rights
Navy excercises and serial killers
Airbus in the People's Daily
Mary Kay, God, and the People's Daily
Stop press: Wives must know how much their husbands earn!
The exploited class and other Great Topics
Peasants, theaters, private property; eye strain
Need for speed: Need for real estate investment suckers
Red letter day
Why are the newspapers so bad lately?
Beijing's newspapers today are uniformly awful
Urban planning, red hat businessmen
Duty free joy, growing pains, and classic People's Daily
Cadres in Henan AIDS village, Beijing Daily Messenger only good for wrapping fish
CISCO: Serving the people, serving the Party
Only one golf course approved in China
Mobile phone scams
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Swan flu
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Bird flu, imitation police uniforms banned, serial killer sentenced to death
Poultry matters, Hu Jintao in Cairo
Bird flu prevention measures, Hu Jintao in France
Namu: poster girl of the matriarchal Mosuo
Develop highcaliber people of Dongcheng
Maglev is not going to float
Anti-corruption, Art and Literature Union holds a conference
Fighting corruption
Funding banks for domino effect, Hard Bones No. 6, college entrance exams
Too much information
Death takes no holidays. It worked terribly hard last year.
People's Daily writes award-winning Haiku
Killing the cat to frighten the virus etc.
Two steps back and one step forward
Constant renewal, fireworks explode, it's all beneficial mon
No toll on Fifth Ring Road and an excellent cadre
Chant down SARS Babylon
What lovely construction
Constitutional amendments and golly what are we going to do about that scenery?
Carrefour needs better medicine, gangsters and ticket scalpers etc.
New ID cards, SARS prevention, a large farm door in Xinjiang
Solve the problems of agriculture, injustice against billionaire, SARS paranoia etc.
Geographic difficulties
Returning Chinese, Zhuhai orgy girls in court, warm vibes from Wen Jiabao
Elections, Bush on Taiwan, SARS research
Medical benefits, tax evading actress, more Three Represents
China Daily piracy
The Unbearable Lightness of Beijing
Writing resolutely [about sex]
Mandela AIDS concert in the Beijing News
AIDS, migrant workers' salaries, Lijiang, capitalism is good!
Mu Zi Mei in the New York Times
Transsexual Olympic athletes?
Sex change lovers
Beijing babes
The breast of the People's Daily
100 year old Ba Jin, toilets, tennis and subways
Demolition blues, Chinese students die in Moscow fire
Do androids dream of electric bimbos?
GDP fact and fiction, illegal markets, loyal cops, bombs
Bra spat, sewage, SARS prevention
Elections, diamonds and more fuss about traffic jams
Movies, roads, popular mayors, gangs, prostitute scandals etc.
Central heating, traffic jams and women's volleyball
The Financial Times on Sun Dawu
Mu Zi Mei mediafest
New York Chinese Newspaper Wars
Southern Weekend on Sun Dawu
Let the newspaper wars begin
The Economic Observer on Sun Dawu
Extra! Extra!
Europe opens up to Chinese tourists
Modern Money
China Media Timeline
Major media events over the last three decades
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+ Culture and corporate propaganda in Soho Xiaobao (2007.11): Mid-2007 issues of Soho Xiaobao (SOHO小报), illustrating the complicated identity of in-house magazines run by real estate companies.
+ Internet executives complain about excessive Net censorship (2010.03): Internet executives complain about excessive Net censorship at an officially sanctioned meeting in Shenzhen.
+ Crowd-sourced cheating on the 2010 gaokao (2010.06): A student in Sichuan seeks help with the ancient Chinese section of this year's college entrance exam -- while the test is going on!
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