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There's a new site offering translations from Chinese newspapers. From the site description of Press Interpreter:

Press Interpreter is the website of the World Press Translation Project (WPTP). WPTP is an Internet community of people of all levels of Arabic or Chinese language skill who translate articles from the Arabic or Chinese press into English on a volunteer basis.

Chinese translations are primarily from the popular Southern Weekend, with an eclectic mix of articles following the whims of the translators. Current articles range from Chinese in America Watched by the FBI: America Has Created 'A Chinese Intelligence Scare' to Chinese Soccer: A Dynasty Change to The Pair of Eyes Behind the Veil: Syria in One Chinese Girl's Eyes. Archives go back to the beginning of February.

New translations appear weekly on Monday evenings. The site welcomes translations from anyone who wishes to volunteer. Check out the Press Interpreter site at [via Asian Studies WWW Monitor.]

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