Do androids dream of electric bimbos?

A mini media storm has been brewing about a young lady named Lulu Hao (or Hao Lulu). She announced to the world in July that she would undergo full body cosmetic surgery to beautify every part of her body. The operations on her face were completed this last weekend, although no one has yet seen her new improved mug because it's still wrapped in bandages. There is still some lower body work to do before she really becomes China's 'first artificial babe'. Here is a picture of Lulu Hao before the operations:


These are before and after shots, but the after shot was taken before the final facial surgery completed this last weekend.


Go to this page on for some mid-operation pics and plenty of details in Chinese. Perhaps not before a meal.

The Boston Globe, reproduced here on Stan Abrams China Blawg
Excerpt from a BBC report
On the People's Daily English site
On which is published by China International Publishing Group and the State Council Information Office

Hao Lulu vs. Michael Jackson on
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