Follow the law, and subscribe to the army's newspaper

China Machete found this gem in the PLA Daily:

Notice from the General Political Department orders the PLA and Armed Police to:
Ensure the strict following of standards by subscribing to next year's PLA Daily

A headline from the front page of the PLA Daily for 14 November, 2006.

Yes, as the year draws to a close, it's time to make sure that everyone has made great strides in "subscription work" this year, and to bump up tally sheets if need be.

From the article:

"Standards for newspaper and magazine subscriptions", issued by the General Political Department and the General Logistics Department in September, 2004, is the basic foundation for subscription work for PLA Daily. All work units should subscribe in numbers in strict accordance with the standard; they are not to make changes at will or repurpose funds....all work units should refer to the subscription situation for 2006 to make a careful appraisal of subscription numbers for the year 2007; subscription gaps and shortages should be filled immediately and practically. The General Political Department will review the subscription situation for next year and issue an advisory should any problems be found.

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