Fucking gangster newspapers, Jimmy Lai and other China media follies


A roundup of stuff in and about Chinese media:

China's Third Evil Force: The News Media
ESWN has translated an article from New Century Net by journalist Liang Zhi. Here's a taste:

I was a reporter for about seven to eight years at a newspaper in western China, and I can summarize what I personally observed as follows: a fucking gangster newspaper!

Read the whole thing here (it's the second article on that page.)

Jimmy Lai: King of Chinese tabloids
Asia Times Online has pubished a profile of media entrepreneur Jimmy Lai (Lai Chi-ying) by James Borton here

Jimmy Lai, 55-year-old entrepreneur and brazen media tycoon, shows no signs of mellowing. He still brandishes the same trademark paparazzi publishing style: investigative political and propagandistic reporting, sensationalism mixed with the requisite photos of naked women.

Young man, nude, strolls along Nanjing street
The China Daily knows news when it sees it: the newspaper's website is carrying a story, with photos, about a man who walked nude down a street in Nanjing. The images are credited to and

One of the images, reproduced above, is captioned: "The nude man begins to put on his clothes on demand of a man".

Plastic surgery: Hao Lulu and Yang Yuan
Xinhua has an article about plastic surgery featuring photos of celebrated plastic babes Yang Yuan and Hao Lulu. The article which seems to have been lifted from the magazine Women of China, is here.

Xinhua's favorite topic: beauty pageants
State-owned news agency returns to one of its favorite topics, with this lovingly photographed article about the Miss World competition currently happening in Hainan.

Maggie Cheung and Wang Jing
The Sunday New York Times asks: "Why isn't Maggie Cheung a Hollywood star?", while the China Daily declaims Chinese low-budget films confronts Hollywood big boys in an article about director Wang Jing's film The Last Level (sheng dian), about a teenager obsessed with a video game. The Last Level was shot for a budget of two million yuan or about USD 240,000.

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