Junk phone calls from The Epoch Times

Comrade N is an occasional contributor to Danwei. She works at the offices of a major Western media organization. She wrote this last week:

This morning at 10:00, the telephone in our office rang. i picked it up, and a recorded female voice started talking about the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”, and encouraging people to quit from the Communist Party. The message referred people to a detailed guide of how to do that online, on the website of The Epoch Times [the propaganda newspaper of Far Loon Gong].

Five minutes later, the phone rang again, still a female voice but live, not recorded. She said she was from Hong Kong, representing the overseas website The Epoch Times. She discussed the same topic as the recording, but more personal, something like, "you must have joined the Chinese
Young Pioneers or Chinese Youth League before, now you can make a statement that you quit on your own, ... ...blah blah blah."

I had to interrupt her, “Do you know whom you are calling?” “Not exactly, but aren't you a Mainlander?”

Yes, I am a Mainlander, but still, I think they should do some research before they make their calls to identify their target market, if any. Otherwise aren't they just wasting their resources?

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I get messages like that sent as chats to my skype account all the time too. Annoying.

As a mainlander, I'm not hostile to all that FLG stuff, and not really into that party either. However, these junk calls are really annoying! More than three times in a week, they reached into my campus dorm, blah, blah, blah all the time! And sometimes their junk mails also reach into students in my class.People with right judgement do not really need all their "encouragement". Spamming will only make FLG sound ridiculous to some.

What's more annoying than recorded calls from FLG? The reprehensible persecution from the CCP that forces them to use such techniques to communicate with fellow Chinese. Perhaps they should be more careful in how they communicate but let's remember what is behind it.

Yes Jay, let's remember what's behind it - a whacko cult leader who believes that scientists are the vanguard of an alien invasion force, that there is a millenia old nuclear reactor in Africa, that Heaven is segregated by race, that mixed-race people will not get into Heaven, and that he has superpowers.

Seriously, this is what Li Hongzhi has said publicly and on several occasions.

Yes jay, because the FLG are a bunch of innocents and all they ever wanted was to be able to sit and spin that wheel.

Don't think we should be talking about this topic, even in English.

Whoa. They sound just about as loopy as the Scientologists.

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