Man and dog, no biting

There seem to be a few things going in Xiamen and Wuxi. But not, you understand, what you would call news.

This on the other hand is on the home page of The China Daily's website:


To be fair, The China Daily does have an an article about the Wuxi water crisis linked on the home page: Water better, but not drinkable

They have also published a very important photo essay about students in Manila protesting naked against increases in tuition fees.

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I also noticed the other day that one of their top news stories was about a new Loch Ness video!

Important news! All of it!

I really wonder why they chose Maigaoqiao for such an amazing event. It is such a dirty dusty dusty dirty place in Nanjing.

They should've had her in the city center, Xinjiekou!

what's conspicuous about the water pollution in wuxi is the highly admirable measures the government is taking to solve the drinking water crisis.

what's more conspicuous is why nobody in the general media is asking questions about the pollution itself. only a few in the media mention that the taihu lake is victimized by excessive human activities. but no one, it seems to me, is asking who should be responsible for the pollution to get to that stage. nature is not to blame. people are not to blame. so who? a finger is needed to point.

theoretically and practically, all the people and all the manufacturing factories and lands and lakes and forests and rivers and grasslands and mountains and the sky and the sea in, under, and around and above the country are all under the leadership of the always great, glorious, correct something.

so when a disaster is striking, that something should be held accountable for what has happened and what is happening and what's going to happen. it's ridiculous and shameful to pretend not to see scandalous crises.

pollution is a serious issue in the country and the large picture of pollution and species extinction and land erosion, etc, in the past five decades is really alarming.

it's disgusting that some news is brushed aside for some reasons. and more disgusting that no one is taking responsibility.

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