Miss Plastic Surgery pageant this Saturday

A young woman named Yang Yuan got kicked out of the Miss Intercontinental beauty pageant in July this year because she had had plastic surgery. At the time there was a lot of speculation in the media about a new kind of beauty pageant specially for women who have had cosmetic surgery.

According to reports at the time, there was supposed to be a "Miss Artificial Beauty" competition in November (more about this on Danwei here, here, and here), but there has not been any news about this since then.

Today's China Daily reports that Miss Plastic Surgery is still going ahead, with the final competition set to take place this week Saturday.

One of the entrants is 62 years old:

"I wanted to convey a message to society -- that the pursuit of beauty is ageless," said 62-year-old Liu Yulan, the oldest contestant who turned to plastic surgery to smooth facial wrinkles and fill out her drawn cheeks.

The China Daily story is here.

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