A new look for The Economic Observer

The Economic Observer is a thoughtful business weekly whose columnists and cultural commentary are worth reading even if the behavior of the markets isn't very high up on your list of interests.

The paper's website recently received a makeover. The site is considerably more attractive than it was, and the English version in particular is worth a look.

In January, TEO published an interview with Yu Hua that is now available in translation (part 1, part 2).

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Comments on A new look for The Economic Observer

Did you notice how its almost an exact copy of Caijings website???


Funny story, the Observers website came out 2 days before the new caijing redesign, I wonder who copied who?

They were both designed by EHM. I guess they only have one template for "financial periodical website."

The English version of this website is amazing. I hear someone undeniably sexy writes it.

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