Newspaper suspended for unethical earthquake reporting

New Travel Weekly
May 19, 2008

New Travel Weekly (旅游新报), a Chongqing-based newspaper was suspended from publishing for using bikini-clad women on the front page of its May 19 issue, which was allegedly dedicated to the earthquake relief. The newspaper was accused of "violating journalistic ethics" in its earthquake reporting.

The president and the chief editor were both dismissed from office despite the fact that the newspaper had issued an apology on the Internet.

The controversial issue was published during the sensitive time of the three-day national mourning for the quake victims. Most newspapers nationwide were printed in black and white and advertisements were cut down to a minimum.

The New Travel Weekly was not alone being insensitive in earthquake reporting. Sichuan TV was also accused of playing down the severity of the earthquake and kept broadcasting entertainment after the quake happened.

More pictures of the "earthquake girls" can be found on this blog (Chinese language).

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