Olympic exercises, far-sighted weather forecasts, and a thug judge

The Beijing papers were all about the Olympics today - just two years are left on the countdown clock, so preparations have kicked into high-gear. The Beijing News and Beijing Daily Messenger led with photos of a Snicker's blimp flying over the skeleton of the "bird's nest" stadium, while Beijing Daily, Beijing Times, and Beijing Youth Daily featured pictures of citizens exercising in support of a fitness campaign to welcome the Olympics.

Important questions addressed at the press conference yesterday:

· Will there be good weather for the opening ceremony? Absolutely! The BOCOG wouldn't stand for anything less. China Daily reports, according to BOCOG VP Jiang Xiaoyu, "Weather data shows that the climate in August will be suitable for the Games. The possibility of rain on August 8, 2008, is between 30 and 40 per cent. If it does rain, it will most likely be only a drizzle." And even if it rains, it'll probably be a blue-sky day anyway.
· Will the city's fruit be safe? Definitely! All fruit will go through a rigorous inspection process using machines imported from Italy to insure that all fruit is attractively colored, is the proper weight, has the optimum sugar content, and is free of blemishes. [TBN]
· Will Beijing's citizens be given time off work to solve the city's traffic problem during the Olympics? The city hasn't decided yet, but when it does, Qingdao will follow Beijing's lead.

China Times was the only paper to break from this pattern - its cover featured a Tianjin judge who's being dismissed for choking a Beijing lawyer. The story is a follow-up to earlier reporting on the issue; here's the summary given in today's paper:

In the afternoon of 28 March of this year, lawyer Wang Ling of Beijing's Cailiang Law Offices went to Tianjin's Nankai District Court to present a case. Wang Ling said that the head of the court's administrative department, Wang Xuelin, took a swing at him in the registration hall, and outside the hall choked him. Wang Ling also claimed that when talking to him, Wang Xuelin not only held a finger pointed at his nose, but also said, "I am the court, and the court is me," and "Be careful on the road tonight."

On 29 March, the All China Lawyers Association website exposed the "Beijing Lawyer Beaten by Tianjin Judge" episode. On 11 April, this newspaper ran the report, "Tianjin Judge Accused of Beating Beijing Lawyer in Court." On the afternoon of the following day, Tianjin's high court set up an investigative committee. That evening, Tianjin's high court held a briefing, and the Nankai People's Court announced the results of its investigation, denying that a judge had beaten a lawyer."

During an interview with reporters on 14 April, Wang Xuelin assured that he had not personally beaten anyone; according to him, in the afternoon of 28 March, Wang Ling incited the people in the registration hall to make trouble. Afterward, the committee for Tianjin City set up an investigative group to open up an investigation into the matter.

Alhough it was never proven that Wang Xuelin beat Wang Ling, the investigative team ultimately decided to recommend that he be removed from his position. A witness who cast doubt on Wang Ling's account was discovered to have connections to the court.

From the cross-examination of witness Yan Tao:

Q: Did you used to work at the Nankai District Court?
A: I have not worked at the Nankai District Court.
Q: You haven't worked at the Nankai District Court?
A: No!
Q: Really, no?
A: Really, no!
Q: Then why is it written in your residence materials that you have worked at the Nankai District Court?
A: Residence materials?
Q: Yes, residence materials.
A: Oh, that was when I was switching to the second-generation ID card. They [the police] asked, and I just said that.
Q: If you have not worked at the Nankai District Court before, why did you say to the police that you had worked at the Nankai District Court?
A: At the time I just said a random one [work unit].

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This is really interesting stuff. Can anyone recommend a blog or forum discussing the Beige Olympics in English? I'd love to discuss this stuff with Chinese, but my putonghua ain't amazing. Cheers.

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