Poll Disconnect

The debate continues over rescinding Beijing's fireworks ban. The latest suggestion is for the city government to completely lift the ban and let individual communities sort things out.

Danwei previously noted an online survey showing a 50% response against lifting the ban. Today The Beijing News reports the results of three other polls.

1. A police department survey by telephone of 5892 people across the city shows 86.3% in favor of fireworks at Spring Festival.

2. A city government survey of 1510 people at 30 local community offices shows 62.7% in favor of lifting the ban.

3. A online poll of an undisclosed number of participants shows just 50.4% who want to be able to set off fireworks at Spring Festival.

Naturally, this is guaranteed to put a stop to the practice of citing results of online surveys as representative of public opinion.

Link: The Beijing News article.

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