Prison Break Beijing

She did it for love
On the front page of today's the Beijing News, you can see a close-up photo of a girl with a sad expression.

Her name is Liu Qian (刘倩), the lover Yao Chuanrui (姚船锐) who was a senior manager at the state-owned China Construction Corporation. He had been arrested on suspicion of economic crimes last year. At the beginning of this year, Li Qian collaborated with her lover's nephew and 19 other persons to plan a jail break.

On January 28 this year, they put their plans into action and busted Yao out of prison. But the cops arrested all of them the next day. They will all be sentenced today. Li Qian has already been given a six year jail sentence.

According to the Beijing News report, after the sentencing she was asked if she had any regrets. Her answer: "No!"

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It was not a prison but a hotel room, the person was controled by some state agency there.

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