Sex education in kindergarten; rebellious parents

The China Daily reports:

To protect young people and society at large from HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancy, sex education classes in Guangzhou, a city in south China, will be given to children as early as kindergarten...

...Some students interviewed said they learned about sex through unhealthy sources, such as pornographic websites, videos and books, according to the survey.

"Sex knowledge from those sources is not as systemic and complete as that of textbooks, so correct guidance for people during puberty is crucial for them to better understand sex and prevent them from getting abortions or having early sexual activities," said Guo Ningbo, an official from the local education bureau.

The kindergartern sex ed story is here. In a 'related story' published by the China Daily today, there is a profile of a man named Lao Zhou (Old Zhou), who wrote a book about his unconventional way of raising his son:

Two years after his son turned 18, Lao Zhou kicked the boy out the door in 2001, believing he should live on his own...
...[Lao Zhou] has impeccable credentials when it comes to education. He obtained his master's degree in education after China's university system got back on its feet after the "cultural revolution" (1966-76), and for a while he even taught at a college.

Yet Lao Zhou hates the system so much that he dragged his son Zixuan out of school when the boy was only 13.

"I am totally despaired of our educational system. There's nothing useful you can learn in our schools and you cannot expect to become a real talent out of it. All you learn is memorizing. Yet parents are gloating that their kids have climbed in the school ranking," Zhou writes in his book, I'll Only Feed You Until You're Eighteen, published in April by Hainan Publishing House.

After Lao Zhou pulled his son out of school, he taught him at home. When the boy was 18, he got the boot, his father telling him to work at a McDonalds. But the China Daily wryling points out that the plan did not quite succeed:

[The son] is now working at an Internet cafe, but he is not exactly self-sufficient. Instead he lives with his mother, who is divorced from his father, and mom has never seen him bring in a single penny in salary.
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