The PLA Daily in English


The People's Liberation Army Daily has an English section of their website packed with articles about the PLA, including sections like 'Foreign Servicemen Visiting China', 'Mao Zedong - Great Forever', and 'Soldiers View of the World'.

The site also includes a section of bilingual military language called 'Military English Learning'. The part about ordering an enemy to surrender includes the following phrases in English and Chinese:

- You are defeated!
- You have been surrounded!
- We don't kill our captives.
- We treat POWs well.
- Put your hands up!Higher!
- Stop resistance!
- Don't die for nothing

You can find Military English Learning here. The image above shows military representative from China, Kazakhstan, Tajikstan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan participating in a joint anti-terrorism excercise. You can find the article about it here.

The PLA Daily's English homepage is here. Below are some other links for people who like military kitsch or guns.

- Profiles and photos of PLA leaders, past and present
- A guide to all the different uniforms and clothing of the PLA
- Songs of the PLA

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