Transsexual babe does not want to be China's Harisu



Pictured above is Harisu, who used to be a man and is now a successful model and actress in Korea. On the left is a scan from the weekend edition of the Beijing Daily Messenger, which is printed on pink paper and does its best to act like a proper tabloid. Last weekend's edition had a story about transexual Chen Lili, who was earlier reported to want to become "China's Harisu". Apparently that is not the case. Other highlights from the interview:

- She hates being called a transsexual
- Her parents are happy with her choice to be a woman
- She hasn't yet thought about getting a boyfriend
- Although her application to the Miss Universe beauty pageant was recently rejected because she is a transsexual, she believes society is becoming more accepting of transsexuals.

There's more about Chen Lili on Danwei here (including a picture of Harisu which makes it difficult to believe she was ever a man) and here.

The image of Harisu was taken from; the Chen Lili article was scanned from Beijing Messenger's print edition.
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