Wendi Deng profile author on Antiwave

The lads at Chinese podcast website Antiwave have interviewed Eric Ellis, author of the profile of Rupert Murdoch's wife, Deng Wendi.

As reported on Danwei, the publication of the profile — originally commissioned by Good Weekend — was later canceled by the editors of that newspaper. Good Weekend is part of the Fairfax Group, of which 7.5% is owned by Murdoch's News Corp.

The Antiwave interview podcast is here. Ellis's responses are dubbed over with Chinese translation. You can see a Danwei TV interview with the Antiwave team here.

Finally, a Chinese translation of Ellis' story is set to be published in New Century Weekly (新世纪周刊) on June 21.

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Comments on Wendi Deng profile author on Antiwave

Murdoch sold his 7.5% stake in Fairfax last month.

I wouldn't hold your breath - I've read the Ellis article in the Monthly and there aren't any startling revelations. She comes across as an ambitious, savvy but not very bright Cantonese girl whose pleasant and positive persona has captured the heart of a media mogul. Her school friends describe her as "you xinji" (calculating) and wonder why she never calls them. Her tutors at US universities admire her energy and her way of getting others to help her, whether it be through visa-through=marriage or Yale fees from the boyfriend.

The article also notes that she makes much of her China connections but she has no guanxi with anyone except Murdoch and a few celebs.
Her only business ventures so far have proved lacklustre. She's not going to be the next chair of News Corp or the power behind the throne. But it will be interesting to see where her kids fit in to the succession equation.

danwei, why don't you get that interview audio from antiwave and put it up here without that chinese dubbing?

Wendi Deng is not, never has been nor ever will be, a force of nature anywhere on this planet. Before she married Murdoch, her only accomplishments were getting her green card through a false marriage with Jake Cherry and getting her then-boyfriend, David Wolf, to finance her education. When she was at Star TV in Hong Kong, she was known then and is remembered now, mostly for how she tried to land ANY one of the senior male executives. Hong Kong media has reported that her then-colleagues stated, "We thought she was after Gareth Chong [president of Star TV at the time], we were surprised when we found out she ended up getting Rupert Murdoch." After marrying Murdoch, Deng has shown not even a trace of smarts in any area of her existence, not even in nurturing a public image of herself that the public in the U.S., Europe, Asia or even Mainland China finds acceptable. After Murdoch passes away, she will most likely sail quietly into the night: the Murdoch clan has never accepted her, the billionaires circle has never accepted her, the public in the U.S./Europe/Asia has never accepted her, News Corp. staffers do not respect her enough, News Corp. shareholders and the board do not give her their backing, etc.

Haha pwned!

Well for one thing, she did get Murdoch, that counts as "something", right?

I'm sure she's got a couple of $$mills$$ in her bank account.

But a secret Chinese spy? I dunno man. However, could it be it's all an act on her part, some sort of Machiavellian game being played?

I doubt it.

Shut up , all of you . She just a women and a mum of two , how dare you comment on her like that , from my point of view , She is a strong and great woman who has work very hard and has individual experiences . Just because she married with rich man , you insult her like that. You are all a group of jealous little beings. No, you are not even beings , I can not find any words in my dictional to discribe what sort of things you are . My advice is to go to get some life to make yourself contribute something good to this world before it is too late, instead of gossip and put someone else down. Life is beautiful and everybody can has chance to self actualize themself , Wendi has choose her life she wants to be and that is good and good on her , I am proud of her and happy for her. She can do what she wants. It is her life. She did not hurt anyone.

Hello there!
I think she is a beautiful asian and I agree 100 percent with Monica.

Agree with LK. True, she's ambitious and tried hard to use the guys [old, young, rich or ugly] as her stepping stones. That's hard work. But great person? Give me a break.

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