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A few weeks after artist Zhao Bandi's failed attempt to organize a boycott of the animated film Kungfu Panda (see Danwei report), reports that an American professor at Peking University has been calling for a boycott of the Hollywood film.

According to the Netease report, the professor has been demonstrating outside a cinema, saying that Chinese children should be seeing the Fuwa in the runup to the Olympics, not Hollywood's Kungfu Panda.

The professor, named Tim Lies, has apparently written an explanation of his boycott, posted on a Chinese blog called 'One World, One Dream':

American Against Kongfu Panda in Beijing!
By Tim Lies / Li Xiao Long

BEIJING--We boycotted the Hollywood kongfu Panda tonight at Hua Xing in haidian District. Many gathered to gain literature, take photos, and ask questions. I am an American teacher at Peking University, and I call on all China to boycott Hollywood movies. Tonight I held a picket sign and passed out back-and-front translated leaflets.

After 15 minutes, the cinema owner and manager forced us off the property, and our protest continued on the street corner. Many more gathered to read our handout paper explaining the reasons for the boycott. I gave out nearly 300 in five minutes! The owner called the police.

A middle-aged man asked, "Why are you doing this?"

"First let's follow the RMB path," I said. "Dreamworks made the film. That means the money flows into the pockets of those who hate us and are out to destroy us. And it targets our children...."

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yeah! and the CIA funded 9-11.

boycott Amerika!

Maybe his visa is up for renewal and he needs to earn some brownie points ...

"Dreamworks made the film. That means the money flows into the pockets of those who hate us and are out to destroy us. And it targets our children...."

Steven Spielberg and David Geffen want to destroy China? News to me. But if they do actually want to destroy China, it seems to me that it'll take more than an animated panda voiced by Jack Black to do the job. Maybe a Ben Affleck movie...

Seriously: This protest is so looney it could have been held at *my* university, UC Santa Cruz, back in 1986. Is there nothing more worthy this guy could have spent his time on? If he wants to protest a movie, why doesn't he protest China's new export flagship, "Red Cliff"? This looks destined to be yet another overpriced, period mediocrity, and I think we should all be spared the pain. Kung Fu Panda is, by all accounts, at least watchable.


That pathetic puke must need a visa desperately!

would love to see his "professor" credentials. have a feeling he might be missing a qualification or three.

Where are those tougher Visa regulations when we need them?

It seems Professor Lies has some time on his hands. What does he teach at Beida?

What a attention-grabbing ass-hat. Dreamworks is out to destroy China? By throwing ewoks at them until they die of a cuteness O.D.?


And is it my imagination, or does he look French to anyone else?

What does this crackpot teach at Peking University? Please don't tell me he's a professor of economics.

I'd watch you back if I were you buddy. The CIA don't play around.

But obviously this guy is WORKING for the CIA. He pretends to be pro-China but he has a secret and dark agenda. So secret I don't dare to mention it here, on danwei.

the guy is a hack and he should be ashamed of himself. no other words need to be wasted on him.

I reckon he dyes his hair.

First of all, I think it's not unreasonable to assume that Mr. Lies is not a professor of English language. Perhaps his translator Li Xiao Long is responsible for the poor grammar and words like "luckly" in the Chinese blog entry. Also the proper title of the movie is "Kung Fu Panda" in English. "Kong Fu Panda" appears to be a mistake made by a Chinese person with regard to correct pinyin spelling, unless the film is about a Confucian panda.

Now here is the truth about Tim Lies from a recent feature on the website

LoL, I have to say that I'm pretty amused with just his name (Tim Lies, are you serious?) and the other name (Li Xiao Long, are you serious again?). Whether true, a hoax, or whatever, this is pretty silly stuff. How this gets into the news must be some social experiment.

Are you sure this isn't a satire?

If it is not, then this alleged professor could well be an agent provocateur. Why am I reminded of Lee Harvey Oswald and "Fair Play For Cuba" placards?

This is a satire, that's so obvious. Someone is having fun there. 支持~~~

He's probably just jealous more didn't see his rock film "Megwomen." In it, Professor Lies plays a rocker named Lucifer Jones who rocks so hard he's extradited from the US to Harbin. Some drinking and rocking ensues. Mostly it's just confusing and boring.

I would suggest mandatory reading of article at, 'The Devil Made Me Do It' that introduces filmmaker/musician and now, um, professor Tim Lies.

Self-promotion or nutjob, one thing is certain: he is seriously detached from reality.

lol, Chinawood, now I know what is his motivation to boycott Confucius Panda(lol, again...). He is just dedicated to his dream:CHINAWOOD.

"But if they do actually want to destroy China, it seems to me that it'll take more than an animated panda voiced by Jack Black to do the job. Maybe a Ben Affleck movie..."---WILL

Exactly Will. Ben Affleck sucks.

"And is it my imagination, or does he look French to anyone else?"-JOHN-GZ

Why? Because he looks like a cocky snot? Of course. He is probably worse than French. Maybe he's French-Canadian.

If he loves China so much why doesn't he tear up his passport. If he enters the U.S. I hope customs gives him a wedgie and sends him right back.

I am going to report this piece of crap to the Pentagon. What an anal aperture.

i think the boycott just increasing the popularity of this film....

Any significance in his last name, "LIES"?

This guy is a legend! everyone who thinks otherwise is a fool- who gives a crap if its all bullsh*t - at least its better than sittin at home commenting on other peoples escapades.
I hope he keeps at it and gives everyone else something to comment on!

That's the lead singer from the band The Supernaturals. They were always playing in 13 club back in the day. I don't think he's a professor. He's having a good time and I think it's funny as hell. If he pissed you off then your a sucker.

I am *so* amused (things like this make me love China even more).


Wow, he pissed you off so much that you wanted to report him to the Pentagon? I guess the talk of freedom of speech etc. is all bs in the US. You are reporting him to the Pentagon (why Pentagon? Shouldn't it be the State Department who can suspend his passport or the CIA?) simply because he wore a "I heart China" shirt and wanted to boycott an American movie? You are certainly one of the most small-minded people that I have met.

I love it when things/people drive you crazy.

"You are certainly one of the most small-minded people that I have met."---Pffefer

We met? I don't think so. Everyone I have ever met was cool. My head is in reality abnormally large. It could be that my skull is very think but I have had a few MRIs that show a rather large and expansive mind. Or where you not speaking literally? Why? Is it because I love my country the USA and recognize that it has been for quite some time, is, and will always be the only great superpower? I'm sorry if it isn't "cool" to love the USA but all you haters are just jealous of our big-arse nut sacks.

Of course I will report him to the Pentagon as the State Dept. and/or the CIA are busy with other stuff. The Pentagon is a more expeditious route

"I guess the talk of freedom of speech etc. is all bs in the US."---Pffefer

He isn't in the U.S. So therefore that particular bill of right does not apply.

What an unfortunate last name, Lies.

"all you haters are just jealous of our big-arse nut sacks."

You wonder where the term "ugly Americans" comes from. Stop wondering. You are a living proof.

Sad case is old Tim.

"You wonder where the term "ugly Americans" comes from."---Pffefer

I've never wondered that. Ugly Americans are all those wuss liberal professors at American universities that are all haters. Like you they think Americans are all racist, rapists, occupiers, and bastards. Yet it is America that makes the world work. Without Americans you would all be speaking German, have your marriage arranged, and be drinking FeiCheng Cola.
Get down on your knees and pray to God that America is there to protect your stupid leftist ass.

I thought this SGT. SLAUGHTER was monty python hilarious. But some of u take him seriously. Now I am confused…

Fritz (aka SGT SLAUGHTER) is both hilarious and serious. They're not mutually exclusive categories (Monty Python presents a striking case in point). I don't agree with everything I've read from him, but appreciate the perspective he has on himself, and the humor he uses to suggest to others they should maintain some perspective on themselves as well. Pfeffer has stubbornly insisted on playing the role of "straight man" in a number of their conversations, but Fritz hasn't taken advantage of that fact, as ridicule of other commenters isn't his agenda.

They've both made interesting points in a number of discussions, even when talking past one another.

By the way, I kindof like Mr Lies' little stunt. Sometimes satire is the most and perhaps only method to engage sensitive issues. This particular action strikes me more as simply silly, but I like the direction it's headed, and hope to see more impressive attempts in future.


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