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GPS toilet maps for Beijing

Visas, camera equipment for foreign news crews, tickets to Olympic events: who needs 'em? The People's Daily rightly puts the focus on the true needs of Olympic visitors:

Beijing to establish electronic map of public lavatories

Beijing will create an electronic guidance system for public lavatories. Before the Olympic Games, guides will be set up at 210 major downtown streets and street corners. By then, those seeking out public lavatories can do so with the help of a GPS locator. This is information was released at a press conference held by the Beijing Municipal Administration Commission.

Before the Olympic Games, Beijing will provide the location of public lavatories through a website, tourist and transportation maps, and posted guides on the road. Beijing has issued the style and setting requirements for posted public lavatory guides and the locations of posted guides on a main street. Guides will be posted every 50 meters to 150 meters apart from each other.

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Comments on GPS toilet maps for Beijing

Will there also be a guide to show the closest places to buy toilet paper?

Cheers, Boyce

I think this is racist. Yea, China is known for bad toilets but is that really necessary? I mean if the olympics were in the states this year, speakers would have a bit of a struggle finding toilets, but who in their right mind would think to make a GPS of toilets? Like that's that important?

Expats have been living with Beijing toilets for years, and yes, they are still alive. Sheesh.

I assume they'll only have GPS toilets for the best in the city and not the ones I've unfortunately used. This seems rather pointless.

And every foreigner knows that the primary reason to visit McDonald's is use of the toilet without purchase. Really, who goes there for the food?

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