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Is self-preservation a firing offense?

The most craven teacher in the world?

On 12 May, Fan Meizhong was teaching literature to a class of high school students when the earthquake hit. He shouted, "Earthquake!" and then ran out of the classroom, down the stairs, and out onto the field, leaving his students behind.

Fan was pilloried online. Netizens called him "the most shameless teacher ever," partly for his cowardly abandonment of his students, but also for a post about the incident he put up on the Tianya BBS, which many critics saw as a pitiful attempt to justify a warped sense of morality. Fan confessed that his instinct for self-preservation meant that his daughter was the only person he'd ever think of sacrificing himself for — he'd even have left his mother behind.

Netizens called him "Runner Fan" (范跑跑), a nickname that even his boss used when talking to the media. Qing Guangya, principal of the privately-run Guangya School in Dujiangyan, is facing pressure to fire Fan for being a poor model for the students. Here is what he told the Yangtse Evening Post:

"In the earthquake, our school's classrooms were not harmed at all, and none of the 800-plus students and faculty was injured. But Fan Meizhong, mocked online as 'Runner Fan,' was an exception. His emotional injuries were self-inflicted."

"I don't know why he wrote those words on his blog that so enraged everyone. Actually, at the time he didn't say anything like that. When the earthquake hit, 'Runner Fan' just shouted 'Earthquake!' and was the first one out of the classroom and onto the field." Qing Guangya recalled that he staggered out of his office later, and after he reached the field, he discovered that students and teachers from every class were crouching on the ground. So he said, "Do a head-count." He remembers quite clearly that "Runner Fan" carefully counted the students who had been mocking him just then. After determining that there were no deaths or injuries, Qing organized the students and teachers to divert their attention and dispel their anxiety. The younger grades sang songs; classes that had been going on continued with review, reading, memorization, and discussions; upper levels continued their activities. During all of this, "Runner Fan" was just as cooperative.

This reporter noticed that Qing was obviously conflicted when discussing "Runner Fan." "Giving a shout and then running off when the earthquake hit: I think that's just a normal human reaction. But he really shouldn't have said those things afterward. The stuff he said was really out of line!"

The newspaper quotes a "knowledgeable source" who said that "everyone, including all levels of the state education administration, have been talking to Qing Guangya hoping that he will fire Fan Meizhong. On one occasion, Qing said candidly that 'Runner Fan' was mistaken in what he said, but his actions were not wrong..."

On 31 May, Changjiang Times printed an interview with Fan himself, in which he spoke about his actions and the online response:

Changjiang Times: Why did you post that article on the Internet?
Fan Meizhong: I graduated from the history department of Peking University. After this major historic event, I wanted to record something in words, so I wrote that article online.

CT: Netizens say that it's OK that you ran, but you shouldn't be so boastful about it. What do you think about that?
Fan: If I wasn't wrong to run, then what's the problem with writing about it? True, a teacher has a responsibility and duty to educate students, but the Education Law does not have any regulations saying that during an earthquake a teacher must save the students. My running off alone didn't violate national law. It only challenged the traditional ideas of education and morality that many people hold. They believe that a teacher ought to be a model of virtue for others, and in the face of disaster, students are the weaker group so a teacher should help them up.

But the fact is that at the instant of the earthquake, a teacher is weak, too. I had no experience; neither the state nor the school taught me live-saving or rescue techniques. I had no ability to save the entire class. If every teacher was like Mr. Tan [Tan Qianqiu, who used his body to shield four students from a collapsing roof], who gave his life for his students, then we'd have no more heroes. I admire heroes like Mr. Tan, but I can't do that myself. I love my life more.

CT: Netizens say that it's OK that you ran, but they ask why you didn't call to the students to run, too?
Fan: (silent for a moment) I admit that I'm afraid of death. My life is more important to me than those of others. I was really scared right then, and my instinctive response was to run outside. I thought that if I yelled, "Earthquake!" then the students would run after me. When I got to the field, lots of students had run outside, but I didn't imagine that no one from my class would run.

On this point, my wife also says that I performed badly. The past few days I've been thinking things over — why didn't I shout to the students to follow me? If you must say that I'm wrong, then it's because I ran without telling the students to come, too.

CT: Do you feel guilty?
Fan: I didn't intentionally do anything wrong, so why should I feel guilty? The earthquake happened and killed all those people, so I'm saddened, but I didn't create the earthquake, so there's no reason for me to feel guilty. And when I returned to the classroom afterward, the students were perfectly fine.

CT: What was the class like then? What did you say to your students?
Fan: There were only two students under their desks. The rest were crouched on the floor with a look of panic on their faces.

CT: Why did you have to explain "I'd only save my daughter, not my mother" in your article? Netizens think that you are an unfilial son.
Fan: Feelings-wise, it's hard to say whether my daughter or my mother is more important. But my daughter is only one year old, so saving her would have more chance of success. I brought up this example to explain the importance of one's own life in the face of a life-or-death situation, not to say that I don't love my mother. I know that saying this challenges China's traditional concept of morality; I've broken a taboo and brought the criticism on myself. But I anticipated it.

CT: What would you like to say to the netizens who've attacked you?
Fan: I'd like to say that many netizens don't really understand me. Their demands on me come out of their own personal morality; they hope that other people will do better, little realizing that in the same situation, they'd be exactly like me.

They're not considering institutional and technological factors. If all the buildings were built to strict quality standards, would we have lost so many people? If the state and the school frequently instructed students in how to escape an earthquake, then they'd naturally run when an earthquake hit, and there'd be no need for me to shout.

Netizens can attack me and argue with me, but they'd do better to think about institutional and technological factors. If another earthquake comes, whether our houses are safe will determine whether we'll escape safely.

Fan appeals to the Education Law to deny any wrongdoing. In response, commentators have suggested that Fan's actions did indeed violate that law. Here's an excerpt from a Rednet post by Li Zhenzhong, titled "The 'Running teacher' was also 'tofu dregs' in the face of disaster":

The Compulsory Education Law does stipulate that "a teacher should be a model of virtue for others and should be devoted to the education of the people." To be a "model of virtue," to "undertake the duty stipulated in the law," to be "devoted to the education of the people": looking at the Compulsory Education Law, being concerned solely for one's own life and leaving students behind while fleeing violates the spirit of the law.

The Compulsory Education Law was revised in 2006; the 1986 version only commanded teachers to "show concern for their students and be devoted to their duties." But it's likely that the netizens who are attacking Runner Fan's morals would argue that simply shouting "Earthquake!" and then running outside doesn't really show concern for the students, either.

Update: There's an interesting meditation on Fan Meizhong's actions and self-justification at Blogging for China.

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Since Fan is a teacher of Literature I'd like to suggest that he include Joseph Conrad's "Lord Jim" in his next class. For those who don't know, it's the story of a man who acts the coward, risking the lives of others, and then spends the rest of his life living out the consequences of his cowardice. An excellant book and quite appropriate to Fan's situation. Regardless of whether he's fired he'll always be thought of as a coward.

Very interesting story of which I had not heard of. Truely a difficult situation - self-preservation is in deed an instict and ones job does not change instincts. Still I would have thought that a simple "RUN!" would maybe been possible.

whether a dismissal of Fan is right or wrong, it should be noted at least that there seems to be a growing appetite in China for mob-induced public enforcements of private morality.

He may say that he didn't break any laws but the fact is that he doesn't feel it was wrong to leave his students behind. If they had died I think he would also be telling himself that he has done nothing wrong. In the end there is only one word to describe someone like him and that is coward. He is unfit to be a teacher.

I would translate "范跑跑" as "Fan the runaway" or "Fan the runner" :)

'I didn't intentionally do anything wrong, so why should I feel guilty?'
Wrong or right definitely has a standard, if not the whole world and human would be into a mess.

He is a poster boy for the CCP's 60 years of rule and the type of people they have produced.

I wonder if he is not sacked, how will he face his students? If I were his student, I can't respect and trust him ...maybe he should resign, as teacher do have responsibity to protect students and be a model of morality.

"...there seems to be a growing appetite in China for mob-induced public enforcements of private morality."

If only we had a real democracy and Jury system to go with it. The possibilities....

Instead of relying on the media report to make a moral judgment on this particular episode in one of the great tragedies of China, I went to Tianya and read the original post by Mr. Fan. If you can read Chinese, here is the link:

Basically, I didn't think his act of self-preservation during the moment of a major earthquake was morally wrong. As a person who don't have to go through all these terrible ordeals,I have no ground for judging people's behavior in such a grave danger. Base on his remark, he was the first person rushing to the playground. His students were stunned and then took cover under the desk until the major shake had passed. Fortunately, no one in his school get hurt by the end. Best wishes to the students and Mr. Fan who still have to go through the aftermath of the disaster.

At first, what made the netizens furious is not about his running but on his justification of doing that by soliciting grandiose terms such as personal freedom, respect of human life (his life), and his anti-communist stance and longing for American democracy( which is weird). To make things worse, he explicitly dismissed the heroic acts of the teachers who tried to save,successfully or not, the students. He said that it was not the teacher responsibility to protect students at such a scenario, and implied those who chose to do so were not as enlightened as he was. He intended to rebel against the "sacrifice" ideal which has been the core value promoted by the CCP for a long time, but did it in an awkward manner and time.

In the latter part of the thread, as new posters flowed in, the focus shifted to the act of running, and the nickname“范跑跑”emerged.

Even he he did not "break any law", he clearly did not do his moral duty as a teacher.
When in school, teachers have the responsibility to look after the safety of their students. In that sense, he surely deserves being sacked for not being fit for the job.

I have to tell you, this story sounds really bogus to me. Who, in Communist China, which has a fondness for killing people who commit minor infractions, would publically admit to being so selfish and unconcerned with the lives of other people's children which he's been entrusted with? Who would make such blatant statements about himself. It's just a little too perfectly reprehensible. What it really sounds like is some official(s) is/are trying to divert attention away from the poor state of building regulations in the country and they are using this guy as a scapegoat.

If on the other hand it's completely true then I would question this teacher's judgement as a teacher and human being - not necessarily the running part which, in a sudden shocking event people sometimes do instinctively - but in so freely and shamelessly admitting it. While a teacher has the children he/she is not just their teacher but is also supposed to be their guardian.

Jason: "and his anti-communist stance and longing for American democracy".

Hmmm, maybe that's why the government press is so willing to demonize him? To associate selfish cowardness with democracy in their readers minds?

Hmmm, maybe that's why the government press is so willing to demonize him? To associate selfish cowardness with democracy in their readers minds?

ridiculous guesture. Actually official press give him no comment.

No Chinese IME on this computer, I'll have to rely on other posters for the truthiness of his saying he longed to be in America with democracy.

I have been a teacher in the US for 7 years now, in 2 different school districts. Doing what he did would be grounds for dismissal in every school district I am familiar with. We have "disaster drills" with carefully planned courses of action, and democracy or personal preservation don't figure into them. In fact, the contract I signed explicitly stated that school staff are responsible for the safety of the students, and each teacher for his class. Were I to run out of the class and leave the wee tots behind, I might as well keep running because there'd be some angry folks looking to lay a little shoe leather on my behind.

My coworkers and I discussed this at length today; I showed several of them the article online. The man is a fool. I wish that my (elementary school) students had something like the civics class of yore, or perhaps a class on ethics. This assclown would make a good topic for discussion. first time to hear such a story...but it did mean sth. to me, for I myself is a teacher. Sometimes I was wondering what if it happened in my school , and what would I gonna do, choose to be like Mr. Tan, or like Fan...I don't know. I believe whatever I do, it must be a instinctive reaction at that moment.
I don't think Fan was wrong, he also a human being, not a saint, what is wrong to protect our own life?

Crtiticize as much as you want, but unless you have been in a real life or death situation like a big quake, it is impossible to really know if anyone will behave logically.

His instinct to flee was natural, though yes, i agree that it seemed to skirt his responsibilities as a teacher and a caretaker. His talking about it on the other hand is just pure idiocy.

completely unacceptable.
He is in a position of trust , where he is acting as the gardian of the children under his care.

When a teacher accepts a position, there is a minimum requirment to be met as regards protection of the children under your care.

To Incredulous:

It is a real story. Mr. Fan is a graduate from Beijing University, an elite college in China. He was editor and wrote columns for several newspapers. He probably is one of the so called neo-liberalists, intellectuals in China who believe in democracy and Christianity as the solution for China. It might seems odd to some foreigners that such group of people could ever possibly exist in China. The fact is, they do exist and to a certain extent, have influence among the intellectuals and students. China is big, even if it may not meet the standard of a free country, you can still hear many different voices here, especially in the cyberspace. Mr. Fan himself is the originator of this drama. He wrote a narcissistic, provocative, yet brutally honest remark, defending his fleeing from his students. Although his comment stirred storms in the net, I doubt anybody in the Main Street has ever taken notice. Thus far the MSM simply ignored the story. The newspapers that picked up the story are both local papers, and have quite limited influences on China's public opinions. So I don't see there is any conspiracy in this whole thing.

Here is the first sentence of his remark:"How I wanted to die because I was not born in the US - land of freedom and of human rights!" Is that bizarre? What the heck does the US has anything to do with your fleeing from your students? Turns out it was just the beginning of a grandiose argument on personal freedom, on the virtual of being selfishness. Can anyone stand this magnitude of hypocrisy and idiocy?

What saddens me is that Mr. Fan get it all wrong. He proclaims his admiration for democracy and Christianity, but he really doesn't understand the true meaning of liberty, couldn't tell the difference between self-empowerment and selfishness. He definitely doesn't speak like a Christian, or act like a Christian.

As a US citizen, I am glad (runner) Fan is not. He would be an embarrassment to his family, his community and the nation as a whole.
Every nation may have its share of cowards but few if any would be so pleased about their cowardice in this country.
Not only would he be fired from his job, he would most likely receive death threats and be driven from his home.
Our nation (and Christianity for that matter) was brought about by the self-sacrifice of thousands of men and women. We did not achieve individual rights without someone paying a price for it.
This self-centered “man” who believes cowardice is a virtue would not be welcome.


what, he started but writing about it himself? 真不要脸

I think he is so selfish,all of Chinese spurn him

Shame on you,Runner Fan!

As a Chinese,
what Runner Fan said is outragous to me.
Althouth he could explain his running as an instinct of self-protection, but his defence by shamelessly proclaiming that "sacrifice is a mere choice, but not virtue" is a totally unjust and relentless comment; plus, he even emphacized at the beginning that he regreted to be a Chinese, and that also explained why he said he would left his mother behide, for he is a shameless, selfish, ungrateful man!


He should died.
I hate him.

Didn't Jesus say (and I am paraphrasing here)'the one without sin may cast the first stone'. Please don't judge someone if you don't know them nor lived in their shoes. You do not know the conditions that he has been working in and the way that school has treated him.

He ran without thinking about his students as he as has never had to deal with an earthquake. In a school that doesn't even have a fire drill much less a disaster drill and the buildings are a health and safety hazard (the only reason the school buildings didn't collapse as they are small tent like structures or have been built/reinforce in the last two years). In this school he has been demonized by the Chinese staff for his intellect and not quite integrated/excepted by the foreign staff for relatively poor English. Some of these students treat him like a servant rather than a teacher. His students are all are in the last three years of schooling, many are adults already.

Yes teachers are meant to be models of virtue/morality and apply the whole parentis locus thing but trust me this is much easier in a country that has a teaching union and decent classrooms/resources, and when you can go home at 3:30pm or so and leave the pressures of school behind. Not every teacher is a selfless hero in the job as its their natural vocation and Mr Fan is one of those examples of which there are thousands across the world, whom teaching is just a job, a way to find a wage to provide for their family. Being a good teacher doesn't require you to care about students much less sacrifice your life although it is better if you do care. Most teachers won't ever be tested in this way.

Basic human instinct is hard to fight - selfishness is one way a species survive. We are built to preserve ourselves and our offspring. You condemn his for his honesty on the selfish nature of people and his unusual thinking/philosophy. You say he is unfit to be a teacher but don't know the realities that lead him to his particular philosophy. The disappointments he has faced in his life of his education, his government and his job has lead him to the longing he has for USA and religion.

He should not be fired for this since he was not the only teacher in that school to run and leave their students behind - just the only one to admit to it and give a reason for his cowardice. As for how he will face his students? Mr Fan was one the students who lived through Tiananmen Massacre in the 80s and no doubt will face his future as he always has done, the answer I guess is that same as always with honesty and dignity.

It's a value thing. If you believe in "sacrifice", as Chinese are educated to, you risk your life to help the pupil; if not, you run. So, it's actually a matter of belief, which apparently is an individual choice, if not enforced by state law.

MsMariposaChino,you are a liar,because Runner Fan was not involed in 1989 Tiananmen Square at all. in this way, you are even cheaper and worse than Runner Fan,at least he is honset, albeit an honest coward. Don’t put Mr.Fan in the people list of 1989 Tiananmen Square, he was just a student of high school in rural Sichuan province and didnt join that demonstration in Beijing at all then(他自己说的他那时只是四川乡下的不知道昆德拉大大是谁的中学生)pl.look at closely his resume & his age if you understand Chinese language and google about that). Besides,I see no possibility for him to do things like that. He is just ugly shameless self-centered coward lacking of any conscience, let alone social responsibility. Runner Fan can only cry for himself:’me, me, me!..’,he would never sacrifice for others,looking at what he did and he himself said.

Mr. Fan also said he always dreamed about that he’s dying to be born in ‘free America’, I can not wait for his leaving for other place from my beloved beautiful homeland China. But I wonder no place on this planet will welcome such Runner Fan shit

Mr. Fan is a good man, we love him.

support fan

i support fan . because i am not good at english so i can not express my respect to mr fan .and i hope everyone knowe fan more and then rate hin .and i do not think americans
knowe fan ,because you do not knowe chinese and can not knowe hin more

a chinese

support fan

he have not been training for escape,and the contract was not involed teacher should died for student.

support him!

To Incredulous:
You are kind of person know little about fact but comment too much. This is the source of misunderstanding.

He is only the corruption of the victims of the state machinery



I think he must not become a teacher again! He have no any thing to teach his students! As a chinese , I feel very mortifying ! He should not be a chinese ! Because chinese won't do these things!

It's quite obvious he is a coward.As a chinese I am ashamed of him.He is not suited to be a chinese!he just suits to be a mouse.

Why did Fan's students remain seated as he shouted Earthquake and ran out of classroom? Was he supposed to grab the class out of the building as the earth shook violently?

correction to the article:

1. "Runner Fan" didn't shout "earthquake" before he run out of the classroom. He said "stay calm" instead.

2. He doesn't feel guilty after, but quite proud instead.

You American don't know the real situation,the truth is that:
Most Chiese don't like fan,but they hate the Government's sham morality more.Fan is a gun against gov.

It is a virtue ting, though it is not enforced by the state law.

yes,this is chinese!





Maybe Fan can beat LiuXiang.

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我们现实中有许许多多的怪现象,那就是羊群效应,就如范美忠现象一样,国人铺天盖地的口诛笔伐震耳欲聋,岂不快哉!落井下石,痛打落水狗!仿佛在痛骂中得到最高快感甚至除之而后快。我觉得人在危难一刻表现如何不重要,重要是事情的本质!老范只是心理素质不过硬而已,事后范美忠一再深深的忏悔,备受良心的谴责。一个人在灾难来临时,主观上第一反应是本能的求生欲望,尊重生命这并无可厚非,比着各位看官在现场大部分人们心里也会是一样 。其实他的行为也没有伤害任何人,罪不至诛吧。我们实际生活中的见闻多多,公共场所有许多时候需要我们挺身而出,扒窃、抢劫、交通事故等等现象的时候,你们当中有许多叫得最欢,痛骂声最欢的道德人士表现如何?你们在哪里?你们的良知在那里?你们为什么选择了冷漠的沉默?无非也是想全身而退而已。我不是刻意为范美忠现象辩解来找骂,他当然是不对,我是想为这种现象提供一种逆向思维,希望能真正净化和提升社会风气,己所不欲,勿施于人,人人在快意恩仇的同时,是否应该躬身自问,危难时候你有没有显身手?更应该从这件事得到不一样的自省。





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那一千多本来可能在舆 论的枪 口下倒地的可敬的官$员、建筑商、包工头们被救了,他们今后还可以继续从S*B的RM手中无情地搜刮R*M*B,这就是中国S B*R*M的下场

runner fan has the right to do what he had done,but he is shameless because he wrote it out and prouded of it.paul



what a mother fucker,Runner Fan lose his face in China,now,he lose his face all over the world.


support fan


I am a teacher.And I also experinced this disaster in Mianyang,Sichuan Province.
At the very time, I also felt extremely frightened, but beyond my instinct, I calmed down with a shout to students "run away" as the classroom was trembling wildly. I chose to stay in the classroom to keep the students out of the classroom in a good order.
However, I don't think I am noble or deserve a praise. Because I also thought of escaping and leaving the students behind.
On the other hand, I understand and forgive Fan, he is not evil though not brave but normal without a good personal quality.
His fause is that he tells the truth at a wrong time when all the media was singing highly of the heroes and was mourning to the victims sorrowfully under the leadership of our great Party.
This insident has its positive effect.More and more people in China dare voice their own ideas even out of the tune of "socialist mail theme"!



He is not human beings'disgrace,but he is teachers' disgrace!!

This story is simply hilarious, even though it's not meant to be so. China's netizens are a bunch you don't want to incur the wrath of; they can get even more militant than the Koreans!

The nickname they gave him was ridiculously embarrassing: 范跑跑?! Anyone recall Seoul's dog shit girl, 개똥녀?

well,well. I don't personally think running away during earthquake is something wrong. Since there are some teachers did that and feel guilty after the diasters. And psychologist giving them therapies by telling that running away is just the 1/3 choice people will made under that situation.

However, what really make people angry, at least like I is the statement he made that try to disguis him as a freedom dreamer and try to interchange the idea of equality and selfish. What the hell! Such a hypocritical person. Not only he chose not to "sacrifice"(for the above comment, i see people thinking this value is pressed by CCP, but the fact is that this is the value through out the history of China for thousands of years), but he is also saying that he won't even save his mother. What a shame. In the Chinese tradistion, filial piety is very important. I don't need to expect him to protect his students. I just wonder, what his mother will think when hearing what he said, and what his daughter feels when her father say so.







to kaka(June 2, 2008 11:17 AM):
his students still care about him from the report.
cuz,I heard of that the students beg the headmaster to forgive him.












I don't think Mr.Fan did anything wrong.I support him!And I do believe if I were him I will do the same when earthquake comes.As a teacher in China nobody asks them that they must immolate themselves for their students even in Education law,not.

(ZT )
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The main subject here is not that he ran. I'm sure thousands of teachers did the same thing. But it's DEFINITELY not something to be proud of. The biggest controversy is Fan's stubbornness and insistence that he did nothing wrong (if you pay attention to his tone, he actually insists that he was in the RIGHT). And his own assumptions that his critics would've done the same thing, is nothing short of ignorance and only to make himself feel better.

Then again, he is either 1.) a true coward, with a warped sense of morality beyond salvation, or 2.) he's a satirical genius. That's the only reason I can think of, someone who would bring such negative attention onto himself. He is exposing the fact that in China's captialist society (they're not communist anymore they're social-capitalist), everyone only cares about themselves. If you see someone falling down and injuring himself on the streets, in a city smaller than say Beijing or Shanghai, people would just walk past without caring. So if this is his motive, then he must be a genius.

To all who againsts Runner Fan:

There are few very simple questions:
1). What will you do in that situation? Do you have any accident experiences. like car accident or... ..? what is ur reaction?

2). Someone said that he run away is ok that is a normally reaction in that situation, but he should not post it online afterward.Ok it sound quite reasonable. but how can you answer this question. How come in reality the thing can be done, but cant be speak out? why? And he is a human and just want to records all of things around himself. so he write the blog, but it doesnt means all of you guy should fallow him and look him like a model. right? do you have the right to write whatever u like? if you have why he dont?

3). ok lets talk about teacher. anyone who is a teacher be told in any situation have to protect his/her students until he/she die? anyone be told? if not, how come teach has to provide their life to their students? are students are more important than teacher or something else?

Im really appriciate you guys or gals who againt runner fan can give me few answers.


one point must be noted as Fan said that there are few life-saving knowledge, from my own experience, from elementory school to college, i have not got even one such practice as for fire, earthquake. it's normal for him to react instinctively as what he did.



至少他不会是一个伟大的人 他自私. 他现实?  他的价值观是自我  他真的很糟


He had wished to be a born American. Do the Americans like such a shameless coward?



Now Fan is fired by his school, and is claimed to never have any chance to be a teacher again.

It is rediculous that in 2008 a person would lose his job only because of a post on the Internet.

Fan is not a hero, as many naive people expect. A hero is called a hero only because most people are not. The biggest lie in China is teaching is the most sacred occupation-the sole bulder! People are educated to believe or pretend to believe this! Funny. Are teachers born to be saints? How and why? Teaching is only a way to make living.

I would stand with Fan, though I dont exactly agree with him. He is not a hero teacher, but I think he is a qualified teacher compared to many mainstream Good teachers in China, like Guo Jumper. He is honest, open-minded, intellectual, really teaching-loving, self-diciplined and behaving good in daily life, and most of all he is exactly the rare type of teacher that China's current education system needs--anybody who knows a little about the Chinese education system will know what I mean.

He is not a hero, nor a Big man, but he is a Real man. He is one of those who have survived in this big quake. But now he is killed, not by the nature, but by human being. The only reason is that he sent a wrong post on the Internet at a wrong time. This is a tragedy, even worse than this quake, which reminds me China has really a long way to go.

You may not be a hero,but you can not injury a hero.This is why runner fan is sacked.

Fan The runner, you are my Idol.

I will run under that circumstance.Most of you guys will run or at least panic as he did.

My live is better than the others, It is the rule of so called "democracy".

Whether you like it or not,Face it.

1. 闷声大发财
2. 人云亦云
3. 痛打落水狗

One thing that English readers of the main stream press miss is the responses by Fan Mei Zhong's students, expressing their sense of loss and frustration when they heard that he will no longer be teaching them due to this incident. Many of the students are forming a group to get ready to appeal to the Municipal of Education in order to fight for the justice of their teacher.

Another anecdote is that the school (Guangya IB School) at which Fan Mei Zhong teaches seems to be one of the few IBO (International Baccalaureate Organisation) recognized private schools in China, that has a record of raising a high percentage of well-rounded students accepted by Universities abroad. Many students claim that a large part of their resourceful education is Fan Mei Zhong's teaching. (in the baidu forum posts; linked above)

I find this a bit strange....Is there a law court Mr. Fan can turn to for a fair judgement?It's scary to be judged by ALL people. Mr. Fan should have the right to defend himself somewhere...


To all persons who supports Mr.Fan
If you know what is a teacher? I don't know how teachers do in this situation in western country,but I know that teacher is a sacred job. Mr.Fan is a teacher,so he took on a sacred responsibilities,in China the sacred responsibilities is to teach students and protect their lives.
But what did Mr.Fan do? When the earthquake comes he only shorted"Watch out of the earthquake!" then he ran to the safe aera by himself. After that when reporters asked him"Why you ran away only by your self,and where is your students?" He answered"MY LIFE IS SO PRECIOUS,NOTHING CAN MAKE ME GIVE MY LIFE EVEN MY OLD MOTHER!"
This is the fact,and Mr.Fan is still sounding off about how he did.
After read this letter, you can ask yourself no matter you are a Chinese or a foreigner"Am I a human?"
By the way I want to say to Mr.Fan "Do you know what means 'abashment'?"And I despise you forever!
That's all,Thank you.

2008年06月27日 08:55山西新闻网-山西晚报

[Removed full text. -JM]

2008年06月13日 08:19东方网-东方早报

[Removed full text. -JM]

This guy...

My god...

What he did was terrible. It has nothing to do with democracy. If he want's to bring up the D word. I will argue, that under democracy, I have the right to agree or disagree based off of the facts. Only when I have an understanding of the facts, should I make a decision.

I will express my thoughts:

First, let's talk about his warped mental view of self-preservation. Humans need to re-think and re-evaluate what they think is self-preservation.

First, I don't know why humans are getting caught up in this self preservation arguement. Yes, we as people want to survive. However, survival is based of working together. We as a race has survived through working together. Even, chinese understand the basic principle of "guanxi." For ages the humans have contributed to each other. Thus we have survived. Anytime a society because, completely selfish it has fallen. Time and time again.

I will give my view of self-preservation. We build ourselves, make ourselves better and try to survive... why? It should be to help the greater whole. By that I mean, it should be to contribute to society. This is how our race survives. Someone picks the rice we eat, someone makes the clothes we wear, someone sings the songs we like... so on and so on.... By being the best at our trade, we survive and help others to survive.

When we become self-centered we get rid of our duties to others. We hurt everyone.

I don't think he represents the common view of Chinese. Although, many support him. I say this, because I was in a school during the quake and I was surprised that how the teachers worked together to help the students.

Also, I would like to add that as teacher you have responsibility for the child. If it's not true, then punch a student out and see what happens.

If a man came into school with a knife and started stabbing young children. If he ran away, that would make him partially responsible for their deaths.

And what if the children died? He would be in much bigger trouble...

He should not have ran off and left his students behind. That's a d@mned shame...

Finally, I leave you all with a question:

He says, there is no law that states you need to protect someone...

Well, do you need a law in to tell you when to help someone?

If that is the case... Then, the human race is on a course for self-destruction...

It does matter, if they are not in your family or not... We are all related through genetics...

More importantly, im surprised, because in China, Loyalty is extremely valued...

The most important thing here is: 1. Not just himself runs out, many many teachers run out first too, but they did not write blog. 2. Fan was fired, not because of his act, but because of his "word". If the "run out" teachers should be fired, then why other teachers no one was fired?

As a teacher in Literature,Fan should also read S. Crane's "The Red Badge of Courage" and T. O'Brien's "Going After Cacciato". All of them are about ranaway and cowardice. In these great books, To run or not is a moral, psychological, philosophical question, not so simple as Fan has considered. Fan is surely not a hero, but not even an anti-hero either. If we cannot be a hero, we should try to be an anti-hero, like Lord Jim, Henry Fleming, and Paul Berlin. Fan Pao-pao (Fan the Runner) is nothing at all.

Knowing that schools build by the Chinese government were falling down during the Earthquake due to lack of respect construction normes, can explain why this guy ran away he was working in tree-house like building.

On the other hand, suppose the teacher taking care of FAN's daughter did the same and ran away during Earthquake, as a father would he accept that?

If I was Fan, as an act of contrition, I would ask to join the military so that I could learn how to remain composed in an emergency.

We all act as cowards at least once in our lives, but we have to learn from that experience.


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