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Patriotic education for masseurs


A group education in patriotism? Or a clever marketing strategy?

For its eighth anniversary, a large massage company in Nanning, Guangxi Province, took more than 200 employees to the local monument to the people's martyrs, where they all swore to oppose the independence of Tibet and Taiwan.

China News spoke to a company representative:

The representative said the bloody battles fought by those revolutionary martyrs made it possible for China to reach its current state, and for people to live such rich lives. But today, a small group of Tibetan independence activists have set themselves up against the Chinese people and are dead-set at breaking apart the motherland.

The representative said that 500 company employees would receive patriotic education to strengthen corporate cohesion.

via Milk Pig, who wonders if anyone is boycotting French kissing.

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actually, patriotism education is really not necessary for chinese people. i mean, patriotism lies within our blood. not to mention CCP's textbooks, we have 说岳,说唐,杨家将,薛家将,龙图公案,东汉演义,三国 and these stories are told by all chinese parents. we also have a shameful history of 170 years and that is not forgettable. that is why young chinese generation is among the most patriotic groups of people in the world.


All of the above are 'patriotic education', Jushi. So it may be in your blood, but we can't know because 'patriotic education' (with nary a dissenting view allowed) has been shoveled to you since birth.

And yes China does have quite a history (rumor has it being 5,000 years), and the Chinese youth of today are among the most patriotic in the world. But I suggest you tell Hu Jintao that the country doesn't need it because he has been having 'patriotic education' campaigns quite often.

170 years of shameful Chinese selling out their own for a quick buck or a few cases of silver and a history of exiling or executing any great leader that shows any initiative...

uhh...三国 is chinese patriotic education about as much as the lord of the rings is western patriotic education.


回guan yu同学,那红枣脸的家伙称“帝”,坐庙,是汉传佛教和玉皇大帝平起平坐的护法神,这些可不是凭空从天上掉下来的。

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